RR T-Shirts & Baseball caps.

Unofficial but with Permission

T shirts, white only.....£9-50 inc p&p.

T's will not take embroidery, Chris showed me one from a client who insisted on it even though Chris advised him not to, It looks a bag of carp.
They do screen print very nicely though.

Baseball caps WILL take embroidery, one size fits all y'all. £7 inc p&p.

Give your size and how many you want and I will update order list.

I will leave it up to the individual this time on how much they donate to Hols for Heroes.
HSBC: Holidays4heroes

Sort code: 40:12:09
Account no: 41416081
Order going in Monday morning 15/03.

SF 1939.....1 Black & 1 White BB cap

johne.........1 Black BB cap & 1 Blue Polo XXXL Rum Ration lettering on front

RTCB.........1 Black Polo XL

jacko90......1 Blue Polo Med Rum Ration lettering on rear.

This will be the last order that goes through me, after that it is DIY.

Thanks to all who bought gear, your support is appreciated.
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