RR Romantics.....

I'm off out to bike club and she's doing the ironing
Tomorrow we are guests of a SD mate so will be pissing up at Colingrad bunhut Valentines Dinner/dance, just had to buy a dress shirt
Last time I went into Colingrad wardroom I was scrubbing out the galley under pun in '79
Before going back to bed this morning, I took the trouble to unlock the front door so she could get off to work immediately after cooking my breakfast. We are also having a 'special' dinner tonight. I wonder what she's buying on her way home. Mind you, she'll have to finish the laundry and clear up the kitchen before she can get anywhere near the oven. I'm also making a personalised Valentine Post-it sticker but I'm having trouble getting the crayon to work.

Who says romance is dead?

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