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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scouse_Castaway, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Been thinking that we could make the site some serious moolah with this idea. Get the cash flowing with the RR antics and have the whole of Britain watching with horrified expressions

    any ideas?
  2. I used to like you.
  3. :laughing3:
  4. Il get my coat
  5. 'Flapping noobs'
    Hosted by Jeremy Beadle.
    All the worry warts who think they'll never get to serve in the RN who frequent Rum Ration with tales of woe about their 2 year waits etc etc are gathered together in a ramshackle flat, outfitted with mulitple cameras, in Pompey.
    The noobs get to drip 24/7 about waiting times, Raleigh closing for 6 months, Ark Royal being scrapped and anything else they find strange about the RNs decision making.
    The best whiner of the day, voted by RR members who've are serving or have served, gets a week off their waiting time and a trip on the Gosprt ferry to get some sea time in.
    The final contestant is drafted to Straight Point range to act as permanent Butts party.
    Lasts for 3 episodes before the flat is located by Tim Zoidberg who kicks the doors in and with his new boxing skills fills in all the dripping twunts, before forcing Scouse Castaway and K4606 (or whatever) to spitroast Jeremy Beadle.
    TV at it's best. :twisted:
  6. :thumbleft: ;)
  7. Ok so far, NZB; but couldn't you get your oppo, Mr Blobby(Wet) to re-appear for a cameo appearance?
  8. You could have a show on the Ark Royal,' Im a Wafu, get me out of here'

    How about 'Scrapyard Challange, 101 uses of an ex aircraft carrier'
  9. Jeremy Kyle and the Daily Drip.
    Hosted by Jeremy Kyle.
    Jeremy tastefully, at first, interviews the usual suspects (ScouseCastaway, Trigger92, k4606, Dave 11 and Blackberry. Etc etc.) regarding their touchy feelyness and the SDSR.
    As the show progresses Jeremy's questions become more and more personal, ex girlfriends are brought on and asked to rate sexual performance and expose general shortcomings of the victim..er I mean 'guest'.
    Until finally strapped into their chair and hooked up to a lie detector they're asked..."Is it true the reason you're so desperate to join the Navy is because you're gagging for bum fun?"
    If they answer yes, they are handed over to JJ and Ron Jeremy for 'treatment'.
    If no they're given to me and Blobby for naked roll mat fighting training.
  10. How about Dockyard challenge, where a bunch of coalition MP's have a week in which to try and find a Navy. :roll: :wink: 8O
  11. 8O You cannot have ours yet - Allegedly some errmm 'Delicate Allegations' have to be sorted first:

  12. Um, can I sign up for the 2nd one please? I think I'd prefer naked roll mat fighting to Jeremy Beadle. 8O

    K4606 or whatever
  13. The weeks winner could have a trip to the MEXE ranges where XRD, Bergen, blobbs and NZer can test fire their mortars, GPMG's............fire and test for effect!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  14. I reckon we should call it Big Pusser. Basically I've got a vision of all of us sat around getting pissed while some Geordie twat commentates. Inevitably I'll end up smashing Tuts in the hot tub and fighting MLP. JJ can be the butch queer and Trigger can be the shy young lad who gets led astray by him.
  15. Hang on me old china isn't MLP the geordie twat to which you refer??? :D 8)
  16. Or even "Come Whine with Me"......5 Dripping Cnuts waiting to join up go round to each others house for a drip session, secretely marking the host in the taxi on the way home (not paid for out the defence budget), at the end of the week the person with the highest number of points is taken away and "Dry Bummed" by anyone who really cares and then locked up in JJ's cellar for an indefinate period to be used / abused as neccassary.
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you want the fuckers shot, leave that to me. I was told that you lot couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo.
  18. In which case I shall franchise out this role to your good self and go and have a wet!!!
  19. He's from the North West which is infinitely less pikey than the North East.

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