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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Is it me or are the forum pages getting wider?
  2. Hig,

    They do appear to be getting wider on both my Mac at home and my PC at work, but it could just be something else wrong with me! :lol

  3. Ahhh another Mac user.....A piece of technology which never requires a 2022 to be filled in!
  4. I use a Dell, Windows '98, at home and at work (Windows XP) and the pages are definitely expanding - inflation perhaps?
  5. CAN SOMEONE TELL US WHY? Moderators are quick enough when not required,ive even posted this on a site issues forum WHATS HAPPENING?
  6. Hig, ghostie is the tech person and BCO when they are around.

    Reason why I have not commented is due to not being PC lit!
  7. I've a funny feeling the left hand column (where avatars and usernames go) has got narrower.
  8. I have checked up at work. The pages are indeed expanding, as I keep having to scroll back and forth which is very irritating in an 15" monitor. Maybe the COs use 17" monitors like my iMac at home where the wider screen is not a problem, but I would suggest that the 15" standard probably suits more users at present as 17" monitors are not yet the norm for PC use.

  9. Yew two? That's good. What piece of kit do you have? I've currently got an iMac G5 with 17" monitor, 1GB RAM and 250GB HD*, having sold my G4 to my sister just 9 months after buying it! You're right though - if only my PC at work needed at little attention as my Mac - I'd get a lot more work done!


    *250GB!!! 30GB would be quite sufficient for me! :lol:
  10. Some days it seems wider , depends whether I'm at work or at home , sometimes have to scrole left and right to read some of the pages , no big deal in the big scheme of things ,
  11. Happy to report nil discernable changes.

    Running XP SP2, Broadband 1Meg+

    Nil Defect found. Probably operator finger trouble (again!!) Read the CCU again and make sure you are not asking your IT to do stuff it can not cope with.

    Love your friendly WEORM :twisted:
  12. PowerBook G4 15", 1.67 GZ, 512 L2 Cache, 1GB memory, 75GB disc....I would marry it if it would have me!
  13. Being thick,and pissing about ,i found if you widen the right hand side of the page ,then click on windows and tell it to remember page size,it does,told you i wuz fick.

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