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RR online shop

Would you support the idea of having an RR online shop?

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Deleted 7

Just been thinking after a few PM's suggesting that RR should have an online shop, what could we sell?

Would it be a good idea? Would you buy anything? What could we benefit from selling?

To be honest, it maybe best to combine RR with Arrse when it comes to a shop.

Ideas on a post card please!

P.S. This isn't a defo get go, just ideas
JD (nice moves with Hera by the way, should change your name to Lightening Jenny Dabber :) )

Things I can think of are RN/RM/RNR/RMR T-shirts etc. Might also be a way of publicising the reserve element. The usual mugs etc would probably sell, a nice one would be that green insulated mug you can get from the NAAFI but in Blue/Lovat Green with the appropriate badges on it (assuming that can be done).

Little things would probably sell as well such as pens, keyrings, watch straps etc. Possibly then an expansion into ship's pennants etc.

As for buying stuff, yes I would buy the above (be a laugh if HMS Pres rejected me after I had shelled out :( ).

Just had another thought, what about a beer stein with the lid shaped either like a sailor's best cap or the RN dress helmet?

(ducks to await incoming)

Great idea , could sell T Shirts , mugs , tankards , pens , calenders , books , list is endless , will that do as a post card JD , 8)
dondon said:
Great idea , could sell T Shirts , mugs , tankards , pens , calenders , books , list is endless , will that do as a post card JD , 8)

Good enough ducky!
Once our mascot is sorted out Jenny we can have that on various items. I shall definately want an XXXL T-Shirt, I'd also fancy one of those ribbons you attach to your security pass with Sailors love their Rum Ration, or something similar.

We could also have a RR mouse mat (though Rosie would obviously need a rabbit mat as she's scared of housebound rodents), RR hat of some description, beer and rum glasses, etc. Perhaps even our own Rum Rat, called Roland, or something more appropriate... say Jack the Lad! or Jill the Lass!
Oops, I almost forgot! RR monosocks in assorted, bright colours and textures! You know, like you can buy for your iPod - a pack of them to take away with you... 8)

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