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RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)


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These pictures may be of interest, in particular to those who like history. @soleil ?

In 1973, I was working in MOD in what was then part of DPR(N). There were a number of reference books available, and when the latest Janes Fighting Ships arrived a decision was taken to clear out several older versions. Before they were binned, someone asked if any staff wanted to take home any of these; I was fortunate enough to select a copy of the 1940 Janes - it had been of little practical use for many years.

The book was pretty battered even then, with the binding shot and many pages loose - although I don't think any are missing. The foreword includes an apology for the late publication of this edition "due to enemy action affecting the premises of the publishers and blockmakers", but this did allow some additional information to be included. The " war losses" section, for example, included the cruiser HMS Southampton, lost in January 1941. It also included photographs of damaged Italian warships after the successful Swordfish attack at Taranto in November 1940.

Also included in the "war losses" section was the German armoured ship "Admiral Graf Spee", scuttled off Montivedeo after the Battle of the River Plate.

The latter is perhaps of significance because of the existence of a carbon-copy of an original note attached to the section dealing with Royal Navy destroyers. With a reference of M.F. 06272/39, and with a pencilled heading of "Hunt Class Destroyers". it reads:

"I do not see any advantage in calling these ships fast escort vessels. They are in fact destroyers of medium size in every respect and their prime function is to destroy U boats. For the future they are to be called and classified 'destroyers'.

(sgd.) W.S.C.
12th December, 1939.

Churchill was still 1st Lord of the Admiralty at the time, and did not become Prime Minister until 1940. As 1st Lord, he must surely have been aware of the rendezvous on that day of the cruisers HMS Exeter, Ajax and Achilled prior to their engagement with the Graf Spee the following day.

I consider myself fortunate to possess the book.2020 Janes 1 Oct 25.jpg2020 Janes 3 Oct 25.jpg2020 Janes 5 Oct 25.jpg


War Hero
Lucky lad. That’s outstanding

Thanks. I do consider myself lucky to possess the book with its historical addition. When I go through that note by WSC, I find my brain putting the words into his classic style of speaking. I would like to think that the pencilled heading could have been Churchill's, but I rather think that he would have written in a more copperplate style.


War Hero
If you look at some of his biographies, and the Andrew Roberts most recent effort is in my opinion the best, he frequently used pencil and wrote in a not too dissimilar style to that header. Might be worth getting an opinion from the Imperial War Museum. In either event you want to keep it somewhere fireproof. The IWM would probably want to copy it for posterity. ?


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My first ship was Ajax. And consequently we had access to a lot of the stuff from the Graf Spee incident, including the night orders’ book (countersigned by Admiral Harewood) from the night before. Prior any mess dinner, being the junior member of the mess I was sent down to the trophy storeroom in Pompey to collect stuff for the table, much of it to do with the sinking. Including Langsdorf’s ceremonial dirk and part of their battle ensign. We brought it all back in the back of the buffers’ car ( I could just about fly a helicopter but hadn’t passed my driving test !) as he was also collecting stuff for the SR’s mess. I remember stopping off for a coffee and a bacon sandwich somewhere on the A354 and wondering what would happen if some scrote broke in to the car.
I previously asked the foreman in charge of the trophy stores ( whom I took to be a retired CPOSA) what this lot was insured for ? Priceless, young man he said. We can’t insure. And we have no fire protection.
Dit over.
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Last I heard was that the Scientology lot bought it, have they given up on renovating it? Great shame it was the ideal base for the Diesel Boat Reunion.


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Empty and probably only purchased by greedy bastards who will hang on to it until the developers want to put high end apartments on the land it occupies and then it'll be sold on for a nice profit ta very much.


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4 O'clock club, on many occasions. Also,
Daughter had her UK wedding reception there, for all the tight twats who wouldn't join her in Mauritius for the actual wedding.


Idle Swine

Apart from "mildly thick" :oops:, it says ready to drink, so does that mean there's a powdered form that you just add......:confused:
Yes it does come in powered form. Mrs IS works in a care home and has had to prepare this for residents who have difficulty swallowing. You can make it different thicknesses depending on the residents needs
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