RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)


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We did manage a fair haul of scaled sea creatures but, to be honest, I think I would have preferred to be in that inn :)

We do normally sea pelicans in their twos or threes but not normally a whole squadron of them. Funny looking birds but they do tend to emit rather a foul bottom burp.


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WolfPackLeaders new utility room stowage were she can keep her three hundred quids worth of household cleaning gear. Hand crafted by BillyInTheCorner. Retirement? Take it easy? Fuck yeah.
That's interesting.


(vents/door handles go back on when the paint is dry).


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Not a bad place for it but they’re having a lot of work done at present, builders everywhere. I belong to the rival outfit on the north side of High Holborn, where we have a rather good Bridge Bar.


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Yep. Two in, two out. Plus a new CO monitor for the combi.

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Words are the right way up so I'd call it a win.
We had a small water ingress inside the boat after refit, just a few bolts missing of the saddle tank.
Water found it's way into the cab space, then a contractor found out his vents were upside down, instead of letting water to flow over, they acted like a funnel, ups.


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First day of September, people enjoying the Isle of Wight sunshine.

The picture shows the tower of St Helen's old church, much of which has been eroded by the sea. It was painted white as a seamark many years ago.

RN ships used to anchor in St Helen's Roads, and it was convenient to send parties ashore to the area to replenish water supplies. The local story is that sailors used to collect the church's ruined masonry to use on board ship to scrub the wooden decks. Hence the expression "to holystone".

(I might even add this to the ARRSE site to encourage the spread of culture.....)2019 St Helen's 2 resized.jpg

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