RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)


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Nice views from the ermm, dock (?), your honour.

Hope you blagged a call round, even if only to interview the usual sixpacks... WINK:WINK:
Unfortunately not. I had to spend yesterday in Dartford and I’m in Basildon today. They’re parading to exercise the Freedom of Westminster today, anyway, so no fun till ???


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Sumo, I went down to the grass to shoo them away. Two of the big blokes just stood there and stared at me. I have to say they are built like the proverbial outhouses. Once I got within about 5ft they decided to amble away but there was certainly no hurry on their part.

Jacobus, my mate has a Blue Heeler down the road from me; he has more roos in his garden than I do :) We do have a new Dalmation but she's still a bit too young to take on a big kangaroo.....she has rid the garden of the smaller rabbits though. You're allowed to shoot them out on the farms or, of course, if you're 'special' and an 'Original Land Owner' (petrol-sniffing and beer-swilling time permitting).

Wightsparker, some of those big lads you'd need the Sea King Chain Gang to assist. I suppose the good thing would be it would keep them away from smashing chains onto the deck over the pilots' cabins :)


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We can purchase Skippy meat at the farmers market in Tavistock. In fact, one can buy just about any type of dead animal flesh there .... except quokka.


Wonder what a quokka pounder with cheese would taste like?

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