RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)


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Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, seen from near Luccombe.
For @Stirlin, Shanklin is nearest camera - but you knew that.

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Centre of pic is a church spike , said church is opposite The Belmont where I stayed on SI , to the monument on top of Culver Down (just visible above the white cliffs for those who don't know the island) was usually my first trek......unless I was meeting RR's for DTS.


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Looking down on to Famagusta holiday resort... the part that's been empty since 1974.


Aiya Napa in the distance pictured from as high up as I dared to go in a 25 year old front wheel drive Nissan.


Unfinished villas. All in a nice, neat row.


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