RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)

Another one of Hope Beach for Stirlin, although this one could have been posted in the Pointless Signs thread. It rather begs the question "Then why is there a bloody gate there?"

Better would have been "Gate must be locked after use".

2019 Hope Beach 1 Jan 5 resized.jpg
Yes, I know, silly old git but I've only just found the function of the panorama button, so decided to take a photo of our local mob of 'roos napping underneath the trees. Skippy was awaiting the arrival of the helicopter so he could fly off and rescue someone.

Went for a look at this place:


Been empty for who knows how long. Anyway, the side gates on the left lead
down to a lower ground parking area.
Hiding beneath the villa was:

IMG_20190102_124112-1560x2080.jpg IMG_20190102_123755-1560x2080.jpg

A pair of classic cars. VW and what I believe is an East German Trabant. Bizarre...
Next to the villa is a massive (deep) pool.


All in all, a renovators dream. If I was minted and twenty years younger.... The Trabant was open and the key was in the ignition.