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Lantern Swinger

Sumo, starting to look like where I live...except we've had it for over 4 months now. First day of spring tomorrow and the morning forecast is watery sun with a temperature forecast of -16 C (feels like -23 C) warming to -2 C (feels like -6 C) in the afternoon :(
Trying to add an image but I keep getting an error message.

Does anyone have an idiots guide on how to insert a picture?

As you said later, images have to be less than a certain size. Not sure what size exactly, but I used trial and error and the Paint function to re-size images until they were accepted. Other posters have used different methods.
The transporter bridge across the River Tees at Middlesbrough. The north bank used to be County Durham, the south side Yorkshire. But it's been mucked about so much with Teesside, Cleveland, Middlebrough unitary authority etc in the last half century that I suspect no-one knows for certain any more. The bridge itself is a fantastic bit of British engineering, and has been renovated recently with Lottery money. You can even take a glass-sided lift up to the walkway now, although Mrs Wightsparker declined my invitation. (It may have been to do with my checking on life insurance policies)
There is a small visitor centre, which I was pleased to see had been opened by the late Fred Dibnah. I'm sure he appreciated the bridge's engineering. First pic shows the south side, the second shows the car-carrying gondola approaching the north side.

2018 Transporter 1 resized.jpg 2018 Transporter 2 resized.jpg
Cotherstone green resized.jpg Cotherstone Green 3 resized.jpg

The village of Cotherstone, near Barnard Castle, County Durham, on Friday. With daffodils still in full bloom and the trees less greened, the area seemed to have been about three or four weeks behind the Isle of Wight when we got home yesterday.

Bimbled down the side of a Cornish hillside to Clovelly yesterday. Weather was a bit grim, but that didn't stop Mr Shitehawk having a go at stealing my pastie. Epic fail.
Staring match. I won.
Bude wasn't very tropical either. We were going to indulge in a full English aboard that floating barge/restaurant.....until this tight Yorkshire git saw the price list, which explains the pastie in drizzly Clovelly.

Clovelly - the way in.

Lorra , lorra steps on the way down. Me and WolfPackLeader managed the down bit. F*ck the up bit! Caught a SWB Landrover Defender for the return journey. Another fiver well spent. Janners certainly know how to separate "tourists" from their dosh.
The dreaded Garden part 2

Been challenged to turn this into a patio, I think she has a finish date of next weekend, I think she needs to check her schedule it seems to be misaligned with mine by about a month.
@BillyNoMates sunshine in Guzz WP_20180422_11_52_38_Pro.jpg WP_20180422_11_52_07_Pro.jpg WP_20180422_11_51_59_Pro.jpg WP_20180422_11_51_54_Pro.jpg WP_20180422_11_51_49_Pro.jpg
Easy job. Half hours graft and it'll be done. Alternatively , call DIY SOS and tell 'em you've got a sick, blind, wheelchair bound, deaf, arthritic grannie with leprosy.....and they'll knock you one up for nowt.

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