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After a day of poor light on the Isle of Wight the sun crept out late afternoon today. Pictured is the afterglow as seen from the front of my Arreton house. The mobile phone picture is not that good; when I first looked at it I wondered if someone was driving a column of cammed-up armoured vehicles along the skyline. They are, in fact, just tall bits of a hedge on the other side of the unseen road.........

Arreton afterglow resized.jpg


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Truck and Dog accident at Maragle in the Snowy Mountains, I just happened to be going past. I'd say this blokes sphincter would have twitched like a rabbits nose. There is a 200ft plus drop on the side here if the trees hadn't stopped him IMG_20171127_121202.jpg
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Apologies for near deja vu re post #621, but the afterglow at Ventnor this evening was impressive. Reckon fog will develop overnight. (For Stirlin: the lights are at the Spyglass Inn)

Ventnor afterglow resized.jpg

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