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RR Members phot thread (Only pics you've taken yourself)


War Hero

Billys Bricks.
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Monty for you, you could have named it the same? For us old farts


  • walt of the northernlights.jpg
    walt of the northernlights.jpg
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Photos from Mountbatten Beach, hard to get onto now as storms ripped out part of steps


  • Beach 1.jpg
    Beach 1.jpg
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  • Beach 2.jpg
    Beach 2.jpg
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  • beach 3.jpg
    beach 3.jpg
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  • Beach 4.jpg
    Beach 4.jpg
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  • Beach 5.jpg
    Beach 5.jpg
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Storm a brewing over Markeaton Park Derby, took the shot but did not make it back to car before getting soaked.


  • storm 3.jpg
    storm 3.jpg
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As was the purpose with the original thread, please keep this for pictures you have taken yourself. There are enough "Random thread of bollocks" places for pics from around the internet to go.

Since the demise of my bestest oppo 4 years ago100505_184339.jpg, here's my new bestest oppo, 4 1/2 year old Ellie who we adopted 2 weeks ago.DSC00626.jpg

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