RR Awards 2010 - The Winners


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I've had nothing better to do than to count the votes. In some cases, there was an outright winner. However, when there were equal votes, i've included all those nominated in the interests of fairness. So good people, without further ado, here are the winners:

The "tell us what you really think" award for not sitting on the fence:

Most charitable member:
XRD. However, Tommo was very close behind and deserves this award as well

Worst MOD:
Purple Twiglet

Best MOD:

The Sanctimonious cunt Award:

Best post:
Breathingoutonthewayup for his letter to Spaceman99

Best thread:
Cock of the Week

The "how do you stop a 6 year old girl choking" tasteless humour award:

The Richard Littlejohn / Alf Garnett "Load up the outrage bus" Outrage whore award:

Cock of the year:

Hero of the year:

Contributor of the year:


Congratulations to all the winners. Feel free to gloat by putting in your signature box which award you won.

Many thanks to all that voted and to all contributors on this site. Lets keep it up!


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As much as I disdain sharing a prize (after all, JJ and I are entirely different people), I would like to thank you all for your vote.

Having spent the last few weeks doing HD strangulation movies in Bristol, I have missed a number of the finer posts, and wish only that my last actress hadn't occupied my time by being such a crying fucking girl.


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wet_blobby said:
I'm hearin you jimbo, I couldn't even make worse Mod :cry:
One of you is commissioned, and the other one lives in NZ. You're both officially cunts.

<Love you really, you bellends>


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SJRM_RN said:
passed over again!!! CNUTS!
Monty only beat you by around two votes. I think you would have won if you hadn't become a blue and decided that clothes are for wearing, roll mats are for sleeping on and triangles are for Dairylea banjos.

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