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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Veronicas, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Right,

    I've been lurking for a long time, only as I've really had nothing to add.

    But inlight of this, I have come to see that RR has it's regular moaners, all are male and all are not happy unless they are making threads about it. Now, in a way, I think this cute from the old timers, really I do, I mean, they have to whinge about something, right?

    So, I thought it was time to reward these guys for what they do best..............and what do they get? Just the pride in knowing they are loved for this.

    So nominees are;


    Why, well, they ain;t happy unless they are starting a bashing thread of some kind about moderation.
  2. Can I pick more than one?
    (And Slim wouldn't be either!)
  3. Thank you Veronicas, you have no idea how that warms my heart. :hump:

    Just as an afterthought, with all the reading of the posts, kindly show the percentage of posts that start of as you suggest, that should keep you occupied. It would also be very interesting to see, I`m quite sure everyone will be interested. Good on on yer girl, go for it. :w00t: :thumright:
  4. It must be love :glomp:
  5. What's a chav??
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  6. You see, it's a naturally built in thing for women to moan, we do it all the time, so it wouldn't be fair to enter a lass in for the running as we know she'd win hands down.

    Now, for a man to moan, totally different ball game, it's like the cold thing, it becomes man flu, a whole new strain of the cold virus :dwarf: . This is more of a fun thing, try and take the light away from the hetro/homo bashing.
  7. What's a chav?? :pukel:

    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    They're also known as OM's. ;)


  9. It`s gotta be that lovable kindley ole stoker Uncle Albert….the other 2 are fcukin rank amateurs…….
    I haven’t done any Mod bashin for a while ….I have been specialising in putting the gays straight on a few pointers…..no fun now Steve`s left though …he was ok but the two that are left are to yappy…..like a couple of Jack Russell’s….

    Anyway…...now it`s all sweetness and light and peaceful again…lets all give each other a big hug…see you can do it …..everybody close their eyes and think of nice things …of the sea breaking on the seashore and the cry of the dead chief stokers as they swoop overhead on their way to eat at the local tip……the smell of BBQ in the air and the sun going down behind the horizon …..everyone hold hands and think how nice it is to be on a caring planet with nice likeminded people …one more hug now then home for supper……

    Of course none of this applies to Phil1972 who can go and fcuk himself on account of he is a complete and utter TWAT…..

  10. Target to the front, watch and shoot, watch and shoot :w00t:
  11. Just as well I am in date for my NAPWT and UA is the size of a barn door. Bang bang you're dead!
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

  13. Oh dear, please don`t let this thread turn into a slanging match, lets all hug like UA said, i so wanted to get it on with Jenny`s little friend Veronicas, a great pity she missed out Lingyai who she so masterfully slaughtered in one of her earlier posts, now, come on lets all hug and kiss. [​IMG]
  14. come on lads,,, moan as much as you like,,,,, if it was not for the moaners and naggers of the wolrd feck all would get done.......... besides nothing wrong with a good moooooooooooan...... mmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. Awwww, ling is a sweetie, I've always had a thing for him. Infact, I was planning to run away with him and you, hig :thumright:
  16. Thanks Veronica.
    I voted for myself as I am the best manker on the site.
  17. You can't run away with Hig- at his age you'd better walk!
  18. As we all know Jack is only happy when he's dripping!
  19. The Good Lord gave women two pair of lips so they could moan and piss at the same time.
  20. Well it looks like I`m winning, but i do have an unfair advantage, I have all of the Moderators on my side. :w00t:

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