The web site is part of a project to keep alive the traditions of the Royal Tournament which was the first, oldest and biggest Military Tattoo in the World until its demise in 1999.

Interest in the Royal Tournament has recently been revived; on 19th May 2008 the Ministry of Defence published the Report of Inquiry into: National Recognition of our Armed Forces. The report produced by Quentin Davies MP, Bill Clark OBE and Air Commodore Martin Sharp OBE MA recognised that “the Royal Tournament provided a very special opportunity for promoting the Armed Forces to the general public.

• Click here to view the MOD Article
• Click here to view the full report

With this in mind, we have re-launched the web site with two main aims:
1. To provide information on the Royal Tournament and keep the traditions alive
2. To encourage people to show their support for the Royal Tournament by joining our mailing list*

*The mailing list will be used for the purposes of keeping people informed of progress on the project. Information will not be given to any third parties. We will publish the number of people that have signed up to show their support.




War Hero
Hoofin' effort. I would think that my visits to the Royal Tournament in the early '70s were partly responsible for me joining the RM in '79. What young thruster could resist after seeing the abseilin'deathslidingsteelyeyed killers that were the RM Display Teams.



We’ve recently updated the website and have now included our first gallery. If you have time look, we’d be interested in feedback on the site. Also, if you get a chance to join the mailing list that would help us out as well!

Many thanks


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