Royals expecting free upgrades. Is it in the Genes?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. I noticed in another forum that HRH prince William tried to gain entrance for himself and some of his cronies to the executive lounge of a ferry. Entrance to the lounge could be obtained legitimately for the princely sum of £10.00 (pun intended). Is the crown so short of cash that members of the royal family cannot afford to pay for their travel?
    Perhaps it is in the genes as many of us old gits will remember that this ploy was often used by his auntie Fergie to obtain upgrades to club class when travelling on a cattle class ticket with BA. Also his uncle Andrew is a master of upgrading when it comes to travelling.
    So is it in the genes or are they just a bunch of toffs who think they deserve everything on a plate?
    Answers on a boarding pass please
  2. Its always the same with the stinking rich.The more they have, the more they want free!How do you think they got so wealthy in the first place?Bastards!
  3. To be honest, I don't think they understand the concept of "paying for stuff".

    Having been brought up in that secluded world, everything has been free or paid for by someone else, so it probably never dawns on them that they they should dig into their pockets.

    Just look at "Princess Pushy" and Prince Andrew's golf trips courtesy of the RAF and FAA. Oh, and Fergie - 'nuff said!
  4. In Britain we just follow the example of our supposedly social betters. The Royals expect it as a Divine Right. Politicians award it to themselves as compensation for having to make ends meet on a salary they find difficult to live on. Directors (via apparently independent Remuneration Consultants, keen to have their contract renewed) are rewarded on the basis that if they are not properly rewarded they might get poached by a US company... whilst at the same time arguing that the failure of the new Companies Bill to protect frauds from facing justice in the US will deter them from going there in the first place... Ermmm. Finally there are those mugs at the bottom who pay - and thereby subsidize - the parasitical "betters".

    I want to see taxpayers money used wisely in future - our tax should not pay for other peoples' priviledge - Prince Willy's children should attend their local state comprehensive! I bet suddenly there would be genuine concern for investing in the education of ALL not just the intellegent pupils! :twisted: And his eldest son should join the RN as a rating and do his Part 1 at Raleigh with whoever he finds himself alongside at the time. No special opt outs. No servants to put on his socks, place toothpaste on his toothbrush or tie his bootlaces for him. He'd have to learn to do it all himself - self reliance! He'd then do his entire naval service (minimum 2 years) as a Rating! :twisted: Now that would be a King I could respect.

    End of rant!
  5. According to today's news, the Stewardess got a rowlocking from a senior officer - for doing her job and preventing misuse ! (He is probably after an 'honour' perhaps ?)

    Maybe William, and this certain 'senior officer' should be spoken to by their seniors..... ?

    But then again, maybe they are only copying the members of the 'party for the people' who are currently in government (the wellknown animal grabbitall) :wink:
  6. Whilst I have more than a little sympathy for your comments, a good freind of mine in my submarine days did his officer training with said young lads dad. Now my chum was an SD, elevated to the wardroom after making it as a chief tiff in boats so not shrinking violet, and he had the utmost respect for C. The only personal staff he had was his bodyguard, who did just that and nothing else. C carried out not only his naval duties unaided but also those which were passed on from mum and dad.

    I would add for what little it is worth that whilst I was on the staff of the deal old Action Speed Tactical Trainer at Portland C's ship came through on work up and C gave the best EW (Electronic Warfare for AAC) brief of any officer during my 12 months there.

    So at least dad earned his keep whilst in the Andrew.
  7. Agreed Peter.
    I was at Lossiemouth when C was at Gordenstoun school. Part of the schools civic duties was firewatching in the woods adjacent to the Naval transmitter station. They used to collect their water from the station and C was always very polite even to the point of referring to the LH on duty as sir. While serving in teh RN I never heard a bad word against C, though his brother did not seem to be thought of in the same manner.
    So why has William reduced himself to his Uncles level instead of aiming for those set by his dad?
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The newspaper report on this that I read said that they were refused entry on the grounds that the lounge was full, not because they refused to pay. They quoted someone who was already in the lounge who commented upon how polite they were.

    Royals and upper class - easy targets - lets throw rocks at them
  9. Slim

    I was going to say perhaps it is because he is with Ruperts and then I though back to my young days and thought hmmm isn't that the sort of thing we did to. Really he is just a young man out on a good run with his mates, you do do stupid things.

  10. I cant believe everyone on here is having a go, based on a newspaper report.

    As Silverfox said, the Royals are easy media targets and whos to say William didnt ask politely and offer to pay? I wouldnt trust what any of those journo bstrds say.

    On a sideline to that, I know a plod who is part of the Royal Protection Group. His principal is Prince Charles, but obvioulsy he has spent a lot of time with William and Harry too. He has a great deal of respect for William and says he is a switched on lad with a good head on his shoulders.

    DONT believe everything you read!!
  11. I think if you had read all the posts you would see that it is not every one.

  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The point is that the article I read played the whole thing down, saying he was part of a group who tried to pay but could'nt and who then accepted it in good grace and left smiling... its almost as though they were doing damage limitation to try and head of the predictable spin that might have been put on the situation by someone out to make a quick buck.
  13. You are right of course most of us have at some time or other tried to scam our way into a nightclub, pop concert or the like. However we were not in the public eye, received nothing (except our pay) from the public purse and certainly did not have the money to spare that members of the royals have. For instance what was your first car mine was a 12 year old Standard 8 paid for from my own savings. What does William drive? Who paid for it?
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Whatever he drives, it was paid for by his old man - who incidentally takes no money from the Civil list for himself or the boys, so it was not public money.
  15. Fair one - I should have said the majority. Apologies.
  16. No Problem

  17. Peter and Slim I apologise about C. I am actually somewhat amazed. I was under the impression that he was incapable of doing these things himself, hence his current, apparent, infantilism.

    Slim, was your reference to C's brother a reference to A by any chance? If so, from reports I had from a friend who served alongside him I would tend to agree.
  18. Certainly my relatively short experiences with C in the Andrew indicated he was actually OK, and quite prepared to fit in and join in and was more than willing to do the job expected of him, and backed up the glowing reports from my mate the Engineer, who was an ex Cheif Tiff and a submariner so not one who put on airs and graces, even in polite company.

    A I suspect suffers from the 'lesser royal syndrome' where you have to put up with all the don'ts of being part of the 'Firm' but will probably never get the top job, or perhaps even any job. I met guys who were Ms contemporaries and they had similar tales about her, and having been obliged to assist in entertaining her for lunch in the mess I have a suspicion there was some truth in the stories told.

  19. Ok have a look here then:$7754206.htm

    The Duchy of Cornwall provides income for the Prince of Wales and his sons. Although Prince Charles and his family do not receive any money direct from the taxpayer in the form of the civil list, last year he did receive over £4 million in Government grants.

    £4 Million is a bit more than the average chav receives in government grants
  20. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As you say - the grants went to the Duchy and not the individual - little different to any large corporation, that supports a considerable staff and not just the individual, the only difference might be that the profits from the Duchy foodstuffs products fund the Prince's Trust. Oh and you forgot to mention that he also pays income tax on his estate's earning, without resorting to the dodges used by other high earners.

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not rabidly pro-monarchist or anti-republican, its just that there are a lot of mis reported facts out there that generate a false view.

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