Royals as army drill instructors

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by FullMoon, May 17, 2009.

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  1. This is going to sound a wind-up unless you have knowledge of it;

    In 1962 the Royal Marines provided drill instructors for the army. Background to it was that the ending of national service and the need to maintain the strength of BAOR meant that there was a shortage of Sgt drill instructors in the corps within the army.

    The only instance that I am aware of was two RM Sgts training recruits at the Royal Signals Depot at Catterick. There may have been others but I don't know. It lasted only about six months or so until the regular army drill/recruit instructors were up to speed.

    I'm certain that it happened, does anyone else recall it happening?
  2. I do think it could be a wind up.How could they .There are so many different drill marching speeds etc
  3. I guess that's the reason why RM Drill Instructors never attend the Army's All Arms Drill Courses then! :wink:

    No wind-up.
  4. You are quite right of course, but I'm fairly sure that selected RM Drill Sgts have studied on the Guards All Arms Drill School at Pirbright, later Catterick, in the past. That doesn't mean they had to, and like other students with diffent drill traditions, they would have no problem in adapting their drill in order to do the course.

    But the point I would make is that I wouldn't dismiss the training of army recuits by RMs as fiction, based on the fact that they have different drills.

    Any DI/DL worth their salt-and I'm sure all RM DLs are-, would have no difficulty in instructing another mode of drill when required
    I SHOULD know, I was a Royal Marines Drill Instructor, at the Depot, Deal, in 1962 and there was certainly NEVER any mention whatsoever about Royal instructing Brown Jobs! For a start Royal's drill is entirely different to Percy Pongo's! We don't stamp our feet like a blackbird enticing some poor worm to the surface to execute a command. Our drill movements are the same as Dabtoe's is supposed to be, but, naturally, a few milion times smarter! If Dai Morgan or Billy Mansell ever heard of this farsical suggestion of Royal instructing Percy, they would definately turn in their graves! ( In a true Royal Marine coordinated movement, of course)!! May God Bless them BOTH.
  6. Whilst serving at RNAY Wroughton in 1977 I was in a combined squad for the rememberance day parade in the village, consisting of Army and RAF Nurses, Paras, Booties, Submariners and Chockheads. Mixed according to to hight.

    Dressing. Some right arm up looking right, some looking left some 1/2 arm some full arm.

    Marching. Not too bad ,keep in time with the band.

    Halting. Order on the wrong foot, for matelots, some take an extra pace some dont.

    Dismiss. Matelots turnright and halt for the period of 2 marching paces and bimble off. Some turn right salute and march off and some doubled off. bodies every where ,how anyone was not trampled to death I dont know. What was said to the RAF WO1 i/c behind closed doors I can only guess but it did not happen in 78.

    Royal instructing the Army in drill? no chance, Toooooo different!
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Interesting topic.

    RM drill has a fair few differences to RN drill, however I seem to recall getting bawled at by an RM Sgt DL at Raleigh on the parade ground back in 1981 when I joined.

    The fact that drill is different doesn't mean the individual cannot teach it - whether it actually happened with percy, I've no idea.
  8. I stand to be corrected but wasn't there an ex-Guardsman who became an RM DL1?

    Seem to remember that he was called 'Tex' Freebourne and he was around at the same time as Sam Fink, Ron Ings, First Drill Tyack and RSM Carrol.

    Memory is a bit fuzzy because I avoided DL's, parade-grounds and honky-tonk boots like the plague.

  9. HI! You're nearly right! Tex Freebourne was an ex matelot, would you beleive, but a superfine chap for all that! Poor Tex, he passed away several years ago now! The only ex guardsman who was a D.I., as far as I know was a guy called John Capner. The only other ex guardsman I ever knew, was Major A.J Donald, who was a ranker when in the guards! Tex Freebourne trained as a D.I. just after I did, along with Alan Maskrey, Gordon Bye, Nobby Clarkson and Tracker Treamer. I knew 1st Drill Tyack, or Sgt Tyack as he was when I was a recruit, and a certain guy called Jack French (Yes, the ONE and ONLY!!) was a recruit in the first squad I took through at Deal! That was back in 1960, a few days ago now, but I remember most of the old guys (as they all will be now), fairly well!!
  10. I remember the rehearsals' at the Investure in Caernarvon. We had a pongo band playing far to fast for our pace. Thankfully GOD'S right hand man trained us well to ignore distractions. On the day somebody must have had a word and perc had the pace just right!!

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