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Discussion in 'History' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. I've just been watching Blue Peter and they had a 10 minute slot on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

    Well worth watching the Re-run for all you nostalgic Yachties.
  2. When is it on again?
  3. Possibly 0830-0900 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning on CBBC
  4. Have just sorted out a box of (home made) videos that I'd stowed in the loft.
    Replayed the programme broadcast by the BBC when the Yacht paid off.
    Same effect as last time. Felt like helping the Queen out with a tear or two when the Ensign came down.

  5. Gimme a break! Royal Yacht ratings .Could,nt hack in the real fleet!
  6. White plimsols anyone!
  7. But dont bend over to tie them!!! :roll:
  8. Smiffy with an avatar like that,you must have been a steward on the Yacht!!
  9. Guess you never served with the Yacht then moondog?
    I was privileged to have served in ships that were Royal Escort on four occasions. The reaction and respect of local people for the Yacht and it's company had to be seen to be believed. Far from not being able to hack it, Yachties did more sea time and visited more places of interest than the average matelot in the fleet could hope to dream of.
    It was a sad day when the Ensign was lowered, and a loss for this country that can never be replaced.

    "Thank you for your very smart escort. Splice the mainbrace.
    Elizabeth R."

  10. I remember the Royal Yacht getting mooned by several ships companies on entering pompey back in the early 80's.It was just after a load of Stewards go done for Drilling for Vegemite and Dancing the Chocolate Cha-Cha.I seem to recollect a strongly worded Signal went flying about regarding the "Mooning"!
  11. We were much more polite in our day Andy. Just used to man and cheer ship!

  13. Moondog, never noticed how camp the Avatar looks, guess I'll have to change it :p, just used the Saint logo as my last ship was Southampton.......

  14. I guess you will mate , camp it is , :oops:
  15. Now you come to mention it..............................
  16. Know the logo well. I spent 3yrs on the Southampton,best ship I ever had
  17. Bit more nautical now :?
  18. You could have ironed them!
  19. Hey, they have been in the cupboard for twelve years!!! :D
  20. What, they've just come out of the closet?! lol

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