Royal Yacht.

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Stirlin, May 19, 2017.

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  1. Tonight at 2100 channel 5 .
  2. Thanks - set to record.
  3. Served with Bob Eason the beach master at the Yemen rescue , he was PO PTI on Forth , looking at photo of him he attained either Commander/Captain rank , BZ.
  4. Bob Easson - Sadly deceased on 29 Oct 2016 aged 74.

    I have recorded the programme but have yet to watch it.
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  5. Saw most of it, interesting, did Royal Yacht guard ship, around the Hebrides.
    When one of the lads misses, was struggling with child birth back in buzz the poss said get him home, Hebrides to buzz in under 8 hours, he said it was a bit James Bond like, hit tarmac, car waiting, race to train station, train being held, waiting for him. His trip back to ship was a bit slower.
  6. I got thrown off it once in Portsmouth. All I wanted was a tin of paint.
  7. Royal Yacht blue?
  8. Had a brilliant DTS on it in Gib once. Great tour round, saw the 'Golden Rivet' in the immaculate engine room and even he cage full of gold leaf for the stripe round the hull. In fact, we were given a small square of gold leaf as a gizzit. Also given a ceramic half bottle of Pussers, which I still have.

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