Royal Wedding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomleecee, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Didn't really know where to put this post, so apologies if it's out of place here in current affairs. Just wanted to let the community know that the RN will be the first out marching/lining the streets from Westminster Abbey for the wedding next Friday. Feel free to tune in and watch us all tick tock out of Wellington Barracks and up Birdcage Walk!
  2. Of course the navy is out in front, they don't mind having a hundred men behind them. Pongo's will be in the middle as thats were the shit is generally, and the crabs like to keep their backs to the wall just incase the other two fucks em.
  3. Aye nobody marches like Jack.
  4. Jack always leads, whether it be funerals, weddings or coronations as it's the Senior Service. Sometimes the Guards need to be reminded where they are in the pecking order.
  5. Pongoes.

    Edinburgh comedy festival's missing a potential star here.
  6. I think you may find that the cavalry soldiers on their splendid chargers will be leading the parade, anyway marching behind Jack will keep the soldiers ammused.
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  7. The Navy always marches in front...It's the Senior Service!

    Moving swiftly on..Wedding what wedding? I didn't vote for any of them!:pr:
  8. They don't need our votes they have the divine right.
  9. You don't actually have to vote for someone for them to get married.
  10. Oh really...pray tell in which century they live?
    But I have no doubt at all that the sight of them parading through the capital in a guilded carriage will do much to buoy the spirits of the people.
    Meanwhile I have invested in a few hundred of these:

    BBC News - Royal wedding sickbag idea from artist Lydia Leith

    The independent state of Sussex will need them!
  11. According to the well known television and radio presenter Adrian chiles who is obvioulsy not from this planet the whole world is watching, if that is the case and I very much doubt it, a large percentage will have taken sussex2's advice and will have the vomit bags to hand.
  12. On reflection it's rather jaundiced of many of us older crusties to decry the nuptuals of this undeniably happy young couple.

    Its not a very frequent event and those younger will enjoy the pageantry of it all and cherish their memories.

    Not wishing to be a doomsayer but remember that the next 'biggy' on the cards is likely to be run as a much more sombre event, with Jack pulling on (and not kicking over) the traces...........

    (IIRC Some Chuffs & Puffs even chopped into Square rig for the last of those serials in '65.)

  13. Some watery tart lobbing a scimitar is no basis for a system of Government........

    Mind you its probably as good a method as the one we`ve got
  14. Churchill's funeral ?.
  15. Aye,

    I was on a career course but every other spare hand and his dog were scooped up and drilled daily at Whaley in WC's final days.

    Always thankful for the WAFU contingent billeted in our C'wood accom.

    On departure one of them had ditched a brand new, but strap-broken, pair of Gucci Flip-Flops.

    Having recovered and repaired them they lasted me quite well for a good few years afterwards; Recycling at it's best, eh?
  16. Yup, I got collared for WC's exit. I was loafing around Victory Barracks at the time also got lumbered with a 2-and-a-half-ringer funeral at Haslar; happy days but no flip-flops.
    Not had so much fun since the old King died. :)
  17. I am very concerned about Miss Middleton, I am sure that she wishes to look her best on the joyous day but she appears to have gone a tad overboard with the slimming down.
  18. Very true.
  19. This wedding has come at the right time, it will lift our spirits and give us all some feel- good factor, I will be raising my glass on the day to wish them both well.
  20. Not half far enough mate!

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