Royal Wedding

Anyone else gutted at not receiving an invite ?

I performed for (note - 'for', not 'with') Phil the Greek and discussed weddings at Okehampton in '74.

Shared a chopper or three with Charlie Boy (AKA Prince of Wails), and didn't grass him to the press.

Yomped up Arthurs Seat with Prince Anne (her close protection guys couldn't keep up !)

Baby-sat Young Eddie for 36 hours and took him for a walk around his Mum's garden at Holyrood. Told him if he wanted to go one up on his brothers he should join the Bootnecks. He did a year later, but ........

Had a private chat with HRH 1 in her garden (same place).

But no invite !!
Must have got lost in the post or you got bumped in favour of Posh and Becks.You don't mention playing footie with the Royal sprogs so that's probably where you lost out.
Shouldn't have called football 'girlyball' you mean ? Or worn my Selkirk RFC tie ?

Damn !

Mind you, Anne's branch are all rugby types. And if there's a fight (it's a wedding, so there must be), I'd like to see Beckham v Tyndall. Difficult to call ...... or not.
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