Royal Veterans Navy (RVN) for Ex-Matelots (OA)

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by NozzyNozzer, May 24, 2006.

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  1. There is a buzz that the bigwigs read Rum Ration, so here's a not so subtle hint...

    Any chance of an RVN (Royal Veterans Navy) for those of us OA (over age) matelots who'd like to rejoin? I'm sure there are plenty of us who, with suitably modified boats, would happily do our bit to sustain manpower, particularly in the Submarine Service (though some of us would need wider hatches and ladder-lifts to help us get below decks!) :lol:

    For those of us trained in Morse, semaphore, TPs, etc, we might benefit from a fresh spell at Mercury to update our RO skills, and all of us might benefit from learning how to secure the new collars, with velcro, etc.

    The Danes have done something vaguly similar - their Hjemmeværnet has a section for Veterans, up to the age of 70+ I recall.

    What do you think? A good idea or a non-starter?
  2. the wife would be well pissed of if i ran away to sea again lol
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    An induction course of several weeks would of course be required to list all "old ships" closed since the OAs joined. :) Top of the list would be Ganges and Pembroke and sadly Mercury too :(
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You could always join the Maritime Volunteer Service.

    I am in no hurry to visit the old Mercury, I understand a large part of it is now a tree huggers cemetary 8O
  5. A great idea nozzer , im all for it,no problem with flight decks,they have lifts to get me up there.(can i bring my mobile?)Will we qualify for another pension?
  6. I would have thought the sheer weight of Ganges dits would render the enterprise somnolent...
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just another quick thought.....

    Would deploying old farts breach any UN Convention on Biological Weapons? :D
  8. Mercury's closed ! When ? I'm gutted :(

    Higthepig, you can bring you mobile so long as you don't answer it when you're on parade, no matter what your CO says! As for a second pension, now that sounds an excellent idea, or perhaps go permanently onto half pay like the officers. :wink:

    FlagWagger, UN Convention on BioWeapons: I think we'd be OK, after all our government is all for disregarding international law when it suits them! :evil:

    Janner, the MVS, I remember them well. I joined them after the RNXS was disbanded: the latter was better than the... er... RN... It was MIXED SEX long before the RN ever contemplated it! I'm afraid I'm too infirm for the MVS: they haven't ladder-lifts or even chair-lifts. Also, sadly, they haven't got their own submarines yet, but when they do... :D

    Scud, The RNXS had a decent quota of ex-Ganges inmates putting off potential recruits into the RN with our dits! A RVN would be full of vigour (and possibly nuclear powered "Polaris" zimmer frames: black, sleek & deadly) with matelots always tiddley and well behaved. In the RVN if a VR (Veteran Rating) gobbed off a superior (unlikely though this is, with most of us being ex-Ganges) the superior would be entitled to clobber him/her. Her means ex-Wrens could also join, though cuffing them would, of course, be OTT! :)

    So there you are: a (reasonably) well behaved, well turned out (or else), highly disciplined team of VRs just longing to leave home and return to sea, short haircuts, travel, hot bunking, communal showers, kit musters, sleepless nights on exercise, MOB drill during dinner, being shouted at: get yer 'air cut! Etc. :lol: What will our wives/partners think?
  9. I have just a tiny submission that some perhaps most would be quite glad to have some one take their men folk of their hands for a bit.

  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I know that this wouldn't be popular, but, in view of the age of the recruits, the Tot would have to be re introduced. Neaters for those over 60, one and one for the remainder.

    Form a queue, tallest on the left sh..... bollocks to that, first come first in.

    edit for typo
  11. I'll vote for that.


  12. Sign me up ! Now!

  13. Don’t you mean that place at shotley point? Remember us TROGS are not allowed to mention the name. If you don’t I won’t. OK only once or maybe twice………. Honest!

    Blake 7 Rule
  14. Sounds great to me. I suggest those aged between the minimum age of 50 and 55 should be on limers, or perhaps semi-skimmed milk would be better for these Junior Veterans. :)
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I hope the Old and Bold won't be expecting Blue Liners to go with their bubbly. With the current below decks smoking ban they'll already find themselves exiled to the upper deck.
  16. Mrs HTP sez she would be very happy,even pay the marriage allowance herself,buy me a book of stamps,to drop her a line every year,and as i smoke a pipe ,the upper deck is fine,sit next to the funnel and if they want to blow soot,im their man.
  17. Oh but this is different, after all the RVS would be full of ex-TROGS, Fisgard's, St.Vincent's, Impregnable's, etc... In this particular part of RR I think GANGES is permissible. OK Eds?
  18. Mercury now is basically a Expensive Housing development done by Berkleys Homes about 10 years ago,and the old Wardroom is still basically the same but divided up into Luxury Apartments with the original oak staircase still in place.I know this because I was up there laying all the flooring on the new houses.

    Apparently some old pikey bought it off the MOD for a couple of million and then sold it a year later for 6 million to Berkley Homes.
  19. well i could do a number of jobs storekeep paint ship cook issue rum if we had it the list is as long as my arm whats the name multi skilled :D but i would have to get divorced as well :lol:
  20. Multi skilled i take it includes everyone,so we would need a female Cap'n, some one has to do the potwash,and what about the female crew? would we be mothered all the time?or would there be younger females,for training purposes only?

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