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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by MilitaryTattoo, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Royal Tournament Petition

    The current petition on the Number 10 website to reinstate the Royal Tournament has not received a huge amount of publicity, it closes on 19th January 2008 and has 742 Signatures (23:50 11/02/08).

    If anyone has a minute to sign the petition, please follow this link: please pass on the link to anyone who might be interested in adding their name.

    Or if you can’t remember the Royal Tournament or weren’t lucky enough to see it (or be in it), take a look at some of the videos on YouTube:

    Many thanks!
  2. done.......remember with fondness and awe....the field gun races across earls court what an amazing sight......and then the cavalry charge to music, with them crossing over in the middle..... great memories:)
  3. Done. The Tournament was always a favourite trip for me as I was growing up, my 1st was I think in 1973 would have been about 12 and spent so long looking at displays in the Exhibition Halls that I almost missed the start
    if I remember correctly Royal had a sniper and some other mustachioed types and the RN some Submariners.
    A big stand out was of course the Field Gun race, outstanding display of teamwork and skill.
    Best of luck.
  4. Done

    Played there in 72 in the Ganges Bugle Band. Great time had by all.
    Our skipper Capt Button, took the salute.
  5. Though I would like to see the Royal Tournament revived I don't think it will ever happen. We just do not have the manpower.
  6. I agree, it would be a pale shadow of its former glory.
    Add to that the lack of Field Gun. Sorry but that imitation field gun just isn't good enough.
  7. Agree totally Slim/ Lamri - we do not have enough manpower these days to support what remains of our seagoing Fleet (+ Iraq/ A'stan) let alone to support a Royal Tournament - forget it !!
  8. I would, but I know from previous experience that these online petitions don't do anything at all except make the petitioner feel a bit better for a short period.

    They don't take any notice whatsoever except some junior gov. civil servant (ha ha) will eventually issue a platitude.

    Nope.... better to start stocking up metaphoric gun-powder, season and plot.

    (Come and get me, thought police!... I'm ready for ya!) :dwarf:
  9. With todays Health and Safety rules and regulations, half the displays (never mind the Field Gun Run!) would, sadly, probably not even be allowed.

    I note from Google that although "cost cutting" was mentioned in 1999, the event was to be replaced by "something more meaningful and relevant" - a dreaded phrase which really means that the boy Blair and his friends simply wanted to get rid of anything that had any tradition about it and was about British history.

    Sadly, from what I read on this site, the manpower and ceremonial bands etc. are simply not available anymore to stage a worthwhile event. The Edinburgh Tatoo is still going strong in its own way (is it commercial?) but it is nothing like Earls Court.

  10. We did it late 70s (7 Tp, C Coy, 40 Cdo + two lads from M&AW).

    Scenario: Cliff assault and rescue.
    Helo sounds fill the building, we're hanging above the lights between the rafters in the dark with the break on. Free abseil into arena. Climb the cliff (free climb, rope climb, roller haulage), assault the fort at the top to rescue the Top Hat wearing toff and his missus (a black scouse oppo in fluffy pink dress, big knicks, white stockings and sussies) and withdraw. He escapes by using his brolly on the death slide, she by laying prone for a reverse death slide with hands out to side. They would then jump into an open-topped Rolls Royce (or some such) for the drive away accompanied by the Royal wave. The rest of us would then leave the fort in three waves: abseil, run down and run down no-hands, which was a piece of cake after having ran down the sides of some very tall buildings with big Mac Maclellan. :thumright: .

    A real shame that lads cannot get to do it.

  11. You believe in this government keeping promises?
    Do you also believe in santa clause and fairies?
  12. Sorry MT I feel unable to support the petition for the following reason.
    Manpower is extremely tight in today's services, I remember when we lost personnel from front line duties due to their commitment to the field gun crew. These men were released without relief and their work was shared between those left. In the old navy this was OK. However in today's modern navy it would fall on those not taking part to do extra duties. Many are leaving because of pressure of work already. A Royal tournament would make for even more pissed off men and women.
  13. Sorry, but I have to agree with Slim despite my high regard for this event in the past.
  14. Ahhhh! Wanky wankeeey. Did didums have to do an extra duty.
  15. Slim is quite correct in my opinion. So what's your problem exactly?
  16. Not at all, I may have drawn one extra duty in the nine months that my mate spent with the field gun crew but in those days manning was not so tight. I fully supported the Field Gun crew and of course everyone knew that it was quicker by AIR. The Royal Tournament was enjoyed by all and signals were received everyday with times of the three crews. The PT staff would amend the graph so that the whole ship could see at a glance where their particular crew were in the competition.
    Sadly though those days have long gone. Taking manpower from ships and even shore bases would have an adverse effect on those not taking part.
    When and if the services regain full strength and we are not fighting foreign wars, then I would welcome the return of the Tournament especially the Field Gun competition.
  17. Which gives the term "Button Boy" a whole new meaning, bet AAC didn't know that

  18. You were on the drums then? ;)

    The closest I got to doing anything was, er...... shepherding the public to their seats..... :oops: :oops: :oops: when I was in the ROC. Enjoyed the comradeship though.

    As a boy I used to love going just for the Mast Manning! :lol: I was deeply impressed (read: deeply impressionable) how brave they were! :razz:

    Have signed!

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