Royal Research Vessel name poll


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I salute you Ninja_Stoker, I was advised that this was the wrong forum and seems so!
No need for any salutes, beyond the two fingered one already proffered. Always an interesting way to garner public support.

You may well find a good number have voted as you would wish, who knows?

I haven't voted yet, but gather the concept of a democratic vote may not be appreciated by those that feel strongly about their particular cause. Truth is, we all know the vote is a farce anyway.

I dare say I may well feel the same if it was a member of my family that had the honour to be awarded a VC.

Good luck in the quest.
We won't chase down the votes already in, but what this will do is raise awareness of the many issues that our past, present and future Armed Forces face or faced. I have never served but support those that did, do and will. LEST WE FORGET.


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The results are in. And the winner is.................................(X Factor pause)................. ignores public vote. What was the point?
Valid question, but surely the point was that this caught the imagination of many, and gave a lot of people a chuckle. And as the article said, the ship's remotely-operated submersible vehicle will be named Boaty McBoatface - so the humour should hopefully continue as long as the research ship operates. Not a bad compromise?

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