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Interesting short feature this evening on Meridian News [for RRs in the frozen North, that's ITV's southern region programming] on the ROC, a propos a proposal to set up an ROC museum near Winchester. Included:

Trip down hole, clearly designed to prevent entry of anyone over x" waist measurement;

X-ref to how the Soviet-supported CND (that was Blair, Straw, Hain etc) campaigned against the monitoring station rollout so as to do their best to undermine the defence of the UK;

Historic shots of ROC doing their thing, from serge battledress to wooly pullys as the years rolled by;

V short retrospective on the Cuban Missile Crisis which I remember watching unfold from an armchair in the TV room at Whaley - I have no recollection of any reaction or change in pace in the RN (Polaris was not then at sea - Vulcans presumably deployed to their dispersal airfields etc);

Some aspects still OPSEC.

AAC was an active member from the age of 16 until disbandment. He will give you chapter and verse, he is a slice of living history. Some pics in the Gallery.


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