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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by CrazyWiggy, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. While on my way to my tedious civy job this morning, I started giving serious thought to applying to rejoin the mob. It's only been a year since I left, after six and a half years service, all on good terms and everything. Then looking at the weather I started thinking maybe I could do something a bit differant and heading a bit further affield to the former colony of New Zealand.

    Has anyone on here had any contact with the RNZN? Any pointers would be much appreiciated.
  2. Im sure someone like Sgtpepper would look up the relevant DCI or the right BR for you.Send him a PM.
  3. I do know a couple who have gone out there and another who joined the NZ Air Force.

    I believe you need to contact the NZ Embassy (try their website) to see if they are recruiting and will be subject to the usual entry criteria (more chance if you have certain skills or qualifications, family out there, sponsored by their Armed Forces etc etc).
  4. RNNZ are probably like all services (police/army/Air force) desperately short of personel in NZ and are actively recruiting from overseas for suitable personnel, due to lack of personnel joining up in NZ.

    I've just left the RN after 16 years, husband has just transferred to Army in NZ, so if you need any info on cost of living, NZ in general then give me a shout.
  5. Have a look on the Royal New Zealand Navy website there is a link in which you can get complete a mini CV and then send it to the appriopriate people.
  6. With all the Hobbits living there I don't think there is a height restriction. :roll:

    A Aussie pal tells me that they're recruiting at the moment.

  7. Short of bodies for the services in NZ cos they're all in bleedin' Oz

  8. Before you jump and choose the RNZN you may wish to consider the RAN. Its larger, offers more variety in posting opportunities EG Sydney and Perth are the two main fleet bases and it is fully engaged in the region and beyond in operations etc. It has submarines and a much larger aviation FEG plus the amphib vessels. You may find you opportunities limited in NZ, especially with a family. Some Brits over there suggest there is a bit of anti-Brit feeling when it comes to promotions etc. It is surprising how pro-Brit Aussies tend to be. On the other hand if you like a quiet life.........

    There is also the Canadians who are short of people with the right qualifications.
  9. My most memorable impression of the RNZN is of a WREN dancing topless on a table in the in the Junior Rates mess in HMNZS Tasman. :D

    Seriously though, what I am about to say may not be popular however it is the unvarnished truth about foreign recruitment into the RAN:

    There will be a lot of resentment from many of the troops who see their promotion prospects go down the gurgler due to ex RN personnel taking the billets.

    Many ex RN personnel see RAN service as semi-retirement and do not pull their weight. Avoiding seatime and deployments and trying to get an early discharge are well known causes of friction.

    Some have difficulty in adjusting to the less rigid relationships between superiors and their subordinates. ( Nothing new in this - it was a British complaint during WWI)

    There are also other relatively minor cultural issues. I remember an ex RN Coxswain nearly causing a mutiny by continually having offal dished up for scran. It seems it is a delicacy where he came from, but one the troops didn't appreciate.

    Having said that one of my best oppos is an ex RNer and most do make the adjustment ok. Unfortunately its the others that get talked about.
  10. Jack 77 - Mate, I cannot agree with much of your "unvarnished truth" - I have met only one bloke who harbours any "resentment" to ex-RNers and he is a ********!

    Most people know ex-RNers usually start a grade lower in the RAN than they were in the RN so have to prove themselves twice over. They also know that they are filling gaps that otherwise will not be filled or they themselves would have to work harder. The ex-RNers I work with are always surprised just how professional organisation they joined and how hard they have to work in the RAN - but are pleased to do so for the privilege of living in such a great country.

    I agree there will always be those who find it hard to adjust or join with the wrong motives but you dont have to a prisoner of mother England to qualify for that description.

    I know several ex-RNers in the RNZN and they all talk about resentment by the locals - I havent heard an ex-RNer in the RAN mention that.
  11. F169, I spent 20 years in the SM squadron, a section that had more ex RN personnel than any other in the RAN at the time. I speak from experience when I made my previous post. It may well be different where you are however it seems whenever 'critical mass' of foreign personnel develops, especially in a relatively small and close knit environment like SMs, that the problems I mentioned become more apparrent.

    Again, I am not having a personal go at anyone who wishes to transfer to the RAN, if you are there for the right reasons then good for you, you will be made welcome and get on, however due to the actions of some of your predecessors there may be some initial misgivings amongst some people.
  12. With the RAN I believe the fact that there is a problem finding local recruits is the main point. With any resentment, that may be a natural part of acceptance and any mature experienced RNer will soon overcome that given time to fit in. The main difficulty I believe will be the wives becoming homesick until they too realise what a great place Oz is for all the family particularly with the way the Old Country is going. That is a comment not a crticism.
  13. Jack 77 - apologies mate, can understand where you are coming from with the boats community. Mind you we wouldn't have many boats available now if it wasn't for those who came across to help out would we?
  14. Perhaps it's about time to bury the old friendly? rivalry between Oz and the Old Country. There's enough conflict around to keep anyone happy who needs it. Maybe it would take a bit of effort but it's time so let's do it. Should be possible, as submariners in this case, but would be great all round. We may need each other soon. Must be age, maturity?, but I like a peaceful life and I'm sure most others do

  15. I've only just got back from Aus, and whilst in Melbourne I went to the RAN recruiting office. They are short of ETs at the moment and it seems as if they are keen to recruit all trades. They still have sea pay as we used to, where even if you were in refit you got LSSB as long as you were on the ship's books.

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