Royal Navy's new missile is a big success


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Pompey News said:
The missiles that will defend Portsmouth's new destroyers have passed their tests with flying colours.

Travelling at more than 3,000mph the Principal Anti-Air Missile System air defence systemhit Mach 4 before it destroyed an unmanned aircraft flying over the Mediterranean.

The missile hit the 450mph Mirach – a small craft with a wing span of just two metres – and marks a big step forward in the development of the navy's Type 45s.

The trials will come as a relief to the navy, but they were carried out just days The News revealed that two of Portsmouth's existing Type 42s are on active service without their main Sea Dart missile system.

Former naval officer and editor of Warship World, Mike Critchley, said: 'There is a certain irony here that the new ships are having their weapons tested when the old ones are still around without theirs.

'It's a culture that has come in where the government is prepared to leave a gap of two or even three years between having a fully operational warship and replacing it.

'HMS Exeter and HMS Southampton cannot be considered fully operational warships and it is highly unlikely they will be replaced by equivalent Type 45s.

'At least it is positive to know the current trials are working well.'

Rear Admiral Bob Cooling, assistant chief of Naval Staff, said: 'The Royal Navy is delighted with the successful firing of Paams.

'We're looking forward to this world-class capability entering service on board the Type 45 destroyers.'

Dave Twitchin, director of destroyers at the Ministry of Defence, said: 'The first firing was a tense moment, and the culmination of much innovation and development which made the direct hit all the more exciting.

'This is just the first in a series of trials to come, but it is a significant milestone along the way.'
The PAAMS is the complete anti-air system, including the search and targeting radars, as well as the vertical launch missile launchers.

The Aster 15 and its longer ranged cousin the Aster 30 are the missiles that the PAAMS fires.

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