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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JayJJeffery, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, i have been using this website to find out some answers from people asking them but i have finally made an account!

    I am joining the Navy as an aircraft handler i have passed Medical, Physcometric and Fitness tests and only have my interview to go and im pretty sure ill pass.

    A few questions

    -Can i transfer when in the Navy, i want to be a Diver but my grades were not good enough will i have time to re-do grades or anything and work my way up?

    -What is it actually like as an Aircraft Handler, what will i be doing? i know about fire fighting and that.

    - HOnestly what is it like leaving your loved ones, mother, father and more importntly what is it like leaving your girlfriend/wife.

    -Where will i likely to be going? i got told by my old boss who was a weather person (with the long names lol) that he went to loads of places including brazil, america, antartica, france and spain as just some of them, is that likely for me too?

    - Does it get boring, i have to admit iget bored quite easily, are there things to do like internet?

    - What do i do about joining a sport, i used to be a county player in ice hockey and saw royal navy ice hockey team - what will this involve (will i be spending more time doing sport than my actual job, i also would like to take up handball.

    - What is the weekend like, will we stop in places most weekends or will most weekends be on the ship? is it fun?

    - What are the officers like, i can take orders and listen but i don't like being treated like a piece of **** (though i expect it in training and if i do something wrong)

    - How often will i be at sea and when your not at sea are you allowed to visit family etc.

    - What are the mess decks like?

    im sure ill think of more questions in time! thanks in advance!!

    - How much is pay?
  2. Without wanting to stomp all over your enthusiasm, you really should have worked out the answers to a lot of those questions before applying to join. I hope you are prepared for a rough ride here.
  3. Hey ive wanted to join the navy for ages its not just for the good things its hereditory in my family i just want to know what are the advantages :)
  4. and i want to join :)
  6. So is your mild case of Down's Syndrome. Mong
  7. :S out of order.
  8. Quite
  9. :D
  10. Oh my God. What next? And he forgot to ask about the Michelin stared food.
  11. Whats wrong with asking a few questions, i didn't say i wanted it all i just wanted to know
  12. What is amazing to me is that you have made about five post's and I am still not asleep, try another two that should do it :twisted: :evil:
  13. God, how old are you guys? i thought i was young but you guys must be kids.
  14. Het JJJ,

    Your first day on RR hasn't gone too well for you I see. I hope you can hack it on here as it will get much tougher in the real world when you eventually join the navy. :w00t:
  15. I'm only six but I have a better grasp of English than you already. Welcome to the RN, embrace it.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just ignore these chimps JJJ, care in the community got off early today.
  17. I can take a joke, but i was only trying to find a few things out!! lol oh well ill live! thanks for those who helped or gave support :)
  18. JJJ

    You need to realise that, since this site opened several years ago, these questions and lots of others very similar have been asked loads of times.

    The answers can either be found at the AFCO, on the RN official site or by searching through the various stickies and forums on Rum Ration.

    If not, then possibly a better way of finding out information would be to ask a single question occasionally, over a period of time, while getting yourself known as a sensible and interested potential recruit.

    Asking so many questions in your first post is really just asking for funny comments; sarcastic comments and having the p1ss taken out of you are part of the job! Or it may be that everyone else just took the p1ss out of me for 20-odd years!
  19. You're welcome mucker
  20. some of the sarcastic pish spouted on here is legendary I can't wait to meet folk like you guys down at raleigh lol

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