Royal Navy Women's Rugby League - First Game Match Report

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by perrym, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. RNRL W 24 v 0 Portsmouth Uni

    After only three months of training the Royal Navy Women’s Rugby League side played their first match against the Portsmouth UNI on Saturday 24th May 2008. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work from both the team and the coaching staff, LPT Jack Daniels and LPT Fred West assisted by Steve Smallbone. The result was an impressive display of commitment and enthusiasm as the Navy forced their way to a 24-0 victory over the local side. The game had three tries scored in each half (Lt Sara Collen (2), ET Emily Atkins (2), POWEA Nat Philips, AB Jenni Andrews) in a game that, although it started a bit shaky with the girls showing initial nerves, settled as they began to enjoyed the majority of the possession.

    Although Portsmouth UNI had some impressive runners the girls made every effort to bring these down and stayed on top of the game very rarely being split by the opposition and never really looking as though the opposition were going to score.

    Everyone present played with determination and drive leading to a very difficult decision to single out an individual player for the women of the match but a final call from the team Captain (POWEA Nat Philips) nominated ET Lou Graham as a worthy winner.

    Team List

    AB Carla Pashby
    AB Erica Atwood
    Ab Sarah Buchanan
    AB Ashley Casey
    Naval Nurse Sarah King
    Naval Nurse Laura Kennedy
    AB Clare Brewer
    AB Analese Clarke
    AB Emma Swinton
    LT CDR McWilliams
    ET Jodi Davies
    AB Rachael Mifsord
    Midshipman Rachael Boast
    MA Kate Parkman
    Lt Sara Collen
    ET Emily Atkins
    POWEA Nat Philips (C)
    AB Jenni Andrews
    ET Lou Graham

    They are now looking forward to their next fixture against Nottingham in June and we hope to continue to build on what we have achieved.

    Anyone interested in joining this developing and exciting side should contact LPT Jack Daniels (mws-cwd-pt12, HMS Collingwood Ext 2217)
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A couple of questions

    1. How come Lou Graham was woman of the match but isn't shown in the team list?

    2. Do they swap shirts at the end of the match?

    If the answer to 2 is yes, have you posted the pics on the site?

    Well done ladies. Perhaps they could take on the Tongans next year
  3. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Re: Royal Navy Women's Rugby League - First Game Match Repor

    Well done ladies! And to Jack, Fred and Chopper (you handsome barsteward :D ) for coaching them.

    A little birdy tells me that one of the above mentioned girlies is probably going to be turning out for the Combined Services very very soon...
  4. Re: Royal Navy Women's Rugby League - First Game Match Repor

    Oops well spotted Janner team list updated.

    Your little birdy was correct Matelot, the Combined Services team played last weekend against London & the South as part of the selection trials for the England Womens team that will play in their World Cup in Australia later this year. They play the 2nd fixture this Sunday (15th) at RAF Uxbridge against the North West counties team.

    As for playing the Tongans well plans to tour oversea's ( but not Tonga) next year are at a very early stage so watch this space for further developments.

    Of a much higher priority at the moment though is for the RN to win the first Womens RL Inter-Service Tournament in September.

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