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As part of the drive to keep everyone in the loop regarding the move of SUBFLOT to a single operating centre in Faslane, an email has been sent out regarding the 'Royal Navy Forum' and how to register. As there are a fair few parents and partners of serving and soon-to-be/potentially serving personnel using this site then I thought some of the content might be of interest here.

To access the RN welfare & family forums you can either google 'Royal Navy Welfare' which will bring up the 'Royal Navy Welfare Team' link and follow that, or try this link - - either of which will take you to the RN/RM Welfare page on the RN website. Scrolling to the bottom of the page you will see an option to register for the Royal Navy Forum. Once registered there are a number of forums you can subscribe to which include welfare information, families groups, specific service (i.e. Submarine/General Service/Royal Marine) groups and individual platform pages.

Hopefully some will find this useful.
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In addition for those aspiring to join the Naval Service, and their partners & families, there is also an official Royal Navy recruiting forum. I hear the site admin is a bon oeuf :)

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