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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by CWO_Mustang, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Do Warrant Officers in the Royal Navy have the same status as Warrant Officers in the US Navy? The latter are members of the Wardroom and are saluted. :?:
  2. In a word - NO
  3. So are RN WOs senior ratings equivalent to a Master Chief?
  4. Clanky meant THIS

    So the WO1 RN is equivalent to Master Chief USN (or a Canadian CWO), and the WO2 is equivalent to Senior Chief USN or a Canadian MWO.
  5. This doesn't work.

    There are 4 grades of warrant officer in the US Navy: Chief Warrant Officer 2, 3, 4 and 5. What are the equivalent ranks in the Royal Navy?
  6. Try it again hoss......

    That table doesn't mention any Warrant Officers in the USN, so can't help ya, except my previous post..... RN WO1 is a Master Chief, RN WO2 is a Senior Chief. All subjective anyway - in a NATO draft I (as an LRO, supposedly equivalent to a USN PO 3rd Class, supervised a USN PO 2nd class and a USN PO 3rd Class. When the watch was over, though, the PO2 went back to his Mess, which was for our Sergeants ("OR5") and equivalent.
  7. The modern RN warrant officers are what used to be known Fleet Chief Petty Officers, i.e. they are senior rates. The old warrant officers who were officers all became Sub-Lieutenants (Special Duties) and Lieutenants (Special Duties) in the 1940s - 50s.
  8. CWO_Mustang

    From past experience I don't think they are the same.

    In the US Navy a Chief Warrant is a Commissioned Officer and is intended to serve in a technical field. They have all the status and privileges of an Officer. In the US Navy all Chief Warrants were Chief Petty Officers (or Senior or Master Chiefs) prior to appointment. (USMC has different requirements)

    Depending on the command (and the Commanding Officer) a USN CWO can be the Skippers "special councilorâ€, another officer, or a CPO that they must allow in the Ward Room.

    In linier ranking a USN CWO is between an Ensign and a Master Chief Petty Officer. In practice a USN CWO will (usually) fill a billet equivalent to a Lieutenant or a Lieutenant Commander.

    Several years ago USN had CWO Nurses, these were Nursing School, Community College (2 yr) Nurses. Upon completion of their 4 year degree the nurse became a Lieutenant Junior Grade.. (program now discontinued) .. upon hearing of the program an officer remarked “now they have Nurses that can yell at youâ€..
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    One of the problems with using online ''pedia's" they are often wrong! There are several mistakes in this chart, at least if you choose to take Queens Regs as the definitive . A leading Rate is no longer junior to other service Corporals WEF 2005 when QR's were re-written, also a PO is not OR5/ OR6 he is in fact OR6. We have no ranks in the OR3 or OR5 brackets.

    I would therefore take the WO definitions with a pinch of salt.
  10. So the USN salute WO's? I think they sulate most rates!

    I do rememeber walking up the US Anzio's gangway in civvies, greeted by the BM and QM who saluted me. All I remember saying:

    'Nice but I do actually work for a living'.

    Sorry, thought I would say.
  11. I remember a US Army Chief Warrant Officer at HQ AFNORTH, Oslo, in the 70s - he might not have been the senior officer but in real terms he ran the place! Mind you, there were USAF Chief Master Sergeants (or something like that - stripes/chevrons everywhere) who would have been hard pressed to be in charge of light bulbs.
  12. There appears to be some confusion about the status of RN WOs. I am!


    US Navy Warrant Officers are saluted by all ratings.


    Appears accurate from a US perspective.
  13. To be more accurate.. since a USN CWO is between a Master Chief & Ensign.. they salute Officers and return the salute of Enlisted.

    US Army Warrants are a more separate community than USN, not as accepted in the Ward Room. US Army has CWOs who ascend via enlisted and CWOs who come straight from civilian life (helicopter pilots mostly) whole ‘nuther story..

    Most of the USN & US Army CWOs who ascended from enlisted are cut from the same bolt of cloth as most Master Chiefs USN, RN WO1s or a Canadian CWOs… they are large and in charge & did not get promoted to where they are by being indecisive wimps..

    [international forum voice] I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent USAF Chief Master Sergeants in my day.. they operate a very professional program [/international forum voice]

    USN renders salutes as a courtesy or greeting. The watch on Anzio would have saluted you even if you had been in uniform.

    Boarding & Leaving...

    Sorry I'm so long winded today.. hope this helps..
  14. That last piece about saluting when boarding used to apply to RN ships too, when I first joined - during 60s. On your 'own' ship a salute aft to the ensign was sufficient, while on ships other than your 'own', we asked permission too. Even in my time it faded - officers and Senior Rates not enforcing it, I suppose.
  15. The warrant officer in any of the british forces is an OFFICER WHEN ON PARADE :D
  16. RN practice is to salute the quarterdeck, rather than the ensign, which the USN do. It is something that has got very slack through lack of enforcement.
  17. Where do midshipmen come in this system?
  18. Funny that,when i joined up we had warrant officers,wore a very thin gold ring and were addresse as MR,most were gunnery officers,most were also shitheads,but as ayoung sailor ,what the hell would i know,never saw any again ,when i became a Chief,i got derated again when they invented the Fleet Chief, But to my knowledge,they ,the Fleet Chiefs,were not the ********* the old Warrants were,but then they were wartime people,so with lots of respect,it was hard as a junior rate to respect them,perhaps because we were shit in their eyes,just a thought.
  19. yes the warrants then did have thin gold stripe were all gunnery officers (they were actualy called GUNNERS) amongst many other obcenities :?: :roll: :D

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