Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by cban, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Wish the actual ship was as good.
  2. What are you on about? You know nothing, didn't you see it detect that 40 year old airframe, a whole 200m from the ship?!! :lol:

  3. :p Whilst wrapped in cotton wool and nursed by the manufactures and boffins. Try it again when its 3 years from the last refit in the North Atlantic in a force 10 at 0200Z being maintained by Jack and Jenny :D :D :D

  4. 'The most advanced air defence ship ever built'?

    Someone needs to slap the idiot who made that video and point him in the direction of a Ticonderoga Class guided missile Cruiser… 4 times the firepower and it can shoot down ballistic missiles unlike our new toy.
  5. Nooooooooooooooooooo! surely a ship built 25 years ago, now paid off and on offer to become a museum could not be more effective than a T45. The yanks have got another 4 at least for disposal could we not just buy them. :oops: 8) :lol:

  6. Unfortunately No, didn't I read somewhere that MOD had all their funds secreted in an Icelandic Bank .... ?? ;) :lol:

    I still think it looks top-heavy and it's made out of lego bricks !!

    Whatever happened to the Greyhounds of the Sea ? Still, it is one more to add to the ever shrinking fleet.

  7. For one for one value we are actually down 6 air defence destrouyers
  8. But type 45's are so good there's no need for that extra 6, not that i've been brainwashed.
  9. I saw the daring on the river clyde when I visited my fella in glasgow. Hes on there at the minute and his fave feature is the ipod thingys in the better sleeping quaters. (I cant rember what they are called :oops: ) never mind
  10. Ha Ha, it's a bit of a joke the special ipod things are ipod charging points, which most people call plug sockets.
  11. yea i believe so too and three mess halls abar next to a tv room next to a quiet reading room i was told. What happens when the footy or rugby is on n things get a bit roudy poor sod who who are apparently reading get disturbed lol
  12. We have had 2 messdecks on T22s for years (3g, 3Ha), I can assure you if you want to read, do it in your pit.
  13. hense i said apparently reading
  14. but its only the junior rates who have the 3 room messdeck,
    the senior rates just have one with a small corner designated for P.O's (poor buggers)
  15. oh right lol well my fella is a LET(WE) whatever that is
  16. I think i may know your fella, and an LET (WE) is...................... nah i should keep things clean on here.
  17. Is a what??
  18. a branch other than mine.
    was he in Glasgow harbour during darings build period?

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