Royal Navy Torpedo Range Arrochar

has anyone any interesting stories regarding the royal navy torpedo range{closed 1980s}at the head of loch long at arrochar scotland?


Lantern Swinger
early 1966 s/m ocelot doing torpedo trials , the long walk from the torpedo range to the arrochar hotel, after a good nights drinking and causing mayhem, one of the forendee's found a parked land rover with the keys still in the ignition, whilst trying to start said vehicle the owner turned up and was promptly given a black eye.
the following morning lower deck was cleared to stand on the casing and face the shore,on the jetty stood two policemen and the vehicle owner.
after a quick shuftie of the crew the owner say's thats him.
how do you know it was me say's the victim, because your the only one with a beard says owner.
ab *** *****. has a large amount of wages stopped and quite a bit of leave withdrawn.

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