Royal Navy to Royal Marine Officer???

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by yorkshirelad_rn, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone.
    Ive been harriers for 13 years and when i got promoted to Petty Officer (PO) i transferred back to Yeovilton to work CHF (junglies). Ive always fancied doing some sort of field work either in UKSF or the Royals but thing kept delaying me.

    Anyway having done a course living in the field with the Royals in training im beginning to think life in the marines is for me. As i am 31 Years old and already a senior rate i dont really want to go in as a nod. Im definately not capable of transferring and becoming a Troop Sargent. (without immence training first) so i was wondering is it possible to transfer as an Officer in the Royal Marines? Im doing my AACC in 12 months but i would like to continue with the Marines rather than just say cheers for the green lid and go back to my normal day job.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.

  2. Oh that's what PO stands for.
  3. Only been one for 12 months mate but i think thats what it stands for.
  4. Firstly, have a word with Morticia, and see if Thing can be kept under control. Secondly, what was it that prevented you from becoming a CD/SC/SB three or four years ago, as you appear to me to be a serial waster, a dreamer, or a [email protected]!7. The paucity of your knowledge, displayed on this site leads me to suspect that you would not make the cut at AIB. Are you doing AACC for the benefit of the service, or just for yourself? Are you actually a 17 year old who's trying to convince us all that you are a bona fide instead of just a boner?
  5. Yes mate, thats me. Nailed it in one. Go and play with someone elses thread please as im after real answers from real people.
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  6. I think you'll find that
    a) I am a real person, and
    b) That was a real answer.

    That it did not meet your expectations is not my fault. If you want to be an Officer, speak to your DO regarding AIB, instead of coming onto here regaling all and sundry with your fantasies. If you really are a Senior Rate, you must be a piss-poor one if you cannot find this information out for yourself through the appropriate official channels. If you really believe you have what it takes to go sf, perhaps you should reassess your self-reliance. Those that I know have a mental acuity which you appear to lack.

    Hope this helps.
  7. :happy1:
  8. yorkshirelad_ Yorkshire lad you say, are you sure it's not County Cro-Magnon?
  9. Must admit I don't understand how you think you could transfer to officer when by you own admission you are not capable of 'becoming a Troop Sargent' (sic) without 'immence (sic again) training' which you appear to be unwilling to do.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I call 'bite'.

    No-one in the real world could possibly get as far as PO, having declared 4 years worth of intention of becoming a Diver, undegoing AACC, becoming a Royal Marine, a Swimmer Canoeist and then want to become an RM Officer and still not have a Scooby what's required, for anything.

    My guess is that Yorkshirelad is already all of the above AND a Woo, who's after a wind-up. :wink:
  11. And :slow:
  12. WooWahWAFU?
  13. Are you related to Deano or Jenny Dabber per chance ?
  14. Who me? Good call, I'm Deanos dad and Jenny's sister.
    Are you related to the original pathetic posting dumbarse?
  15. I've got £20 to go towards your Dignitas bill.
  16. You have threads going back from Dec 2006 asking about Divers, Marines and SF, and you still have not done anything about it.
  17. WALT ALERT WARNING RED - Down Chinstays!!!

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