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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alexissonice, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. I'm soon to start my training in a Raleigh in a couple of months and am incredibly excited about what lays ahead. I'm planning to go in for the long run in the Navy and work my butt off, study hard and learn as much as I can and progress as far as I can...even work towards to becoming a commissioned officer one day (I have a degree but wanted to go the rate route). I'll be turning 27 as I pass out of Raleigh with a ton of life experience behind me and will be totally focused on my career and getting to were I want to be. I read allot of negative things online about serving in the current navy; that the conditions are bad, the pay is better on the outside, that you have to put up with a allot of c**p - Is this sort of talk a real concern for allot of sailors? Does it overshadow the thrill of being at sea, visiting foreign lands, doing significant work in maritime security? Or having the unique opportunity improve yourself radically both mentally and physically throughout your career? Are they just nagging concerns or does it really question why you bothered in the first place? I'm not a very fussy guy..I've lived in all kinds of places while backpacking all over the world for years (from the best hostel in Sydney, to the absolute worst Cambodian hell hole, to a plastic sheet in the middle of the Sumatran jungle)
    I've cleaned rooms and bathrooms all my life (surely that's a unpaid part of life in or out of the forces) and people tell me what to do and give me c**p on Civvie street... with the added disadvantage of being stuck in an office cubicle or a cold, manky factory floor 9-5 every week.

    As a warfare spec, if you express interest in wanting to get involved and get training in different operations (such as boarding parties/weapons handling) can you do so? When I started the recruitment process two years ago, I was told that 'your career in the navy is in your hands. You get want you put in and their is no limit to where you can go' there truth in this?

    I'm rambling but any thoughts/feelings/banter on the above will be appreciated.

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  2. Sorry for the lack of spelling/editing ...I'm half asleep. You get the picture :)

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  3. That wasn't nice at all.
  4. What wasn't? Have I caused offence?

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  5. Welcome onboard Alexis, it will be a rocky ride but hang on!

    Matelot banter. :)

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  6. I've had a good day so I'm going to give you a proper reply, I'll look elsewhere tonight for someone to pick on.

    You'll find that those in the RN and indeed all of the Forces happy with their lot just get on with things and don't really speak up. In contrast, all the throbbers who believe they are owed a living waste all their energy complaining and telling all and sundry how shit everything is and how shit on they are all the time. There are of course some who have a genuine reason to complain and I won't sugar coat it, some branches more than others are feeling a pinch and are worked very hard but when you look at the bigger picture, we've got it pretty good.

    Good wages (don't let anyone tell you otherwise)
    Good pension (Not as good as it used to be but still stands up well)
    Good career prospects with transferable skills
    Free healthcare
    Free gym
    Free Adventurous Training
    Free further education
    CV filling experiences
    A lot of very, very good people

    You will clean stuff, you will be bored, you will have to work for and alongside some utter cocks, you will go where you're told and spend long periods away from home, you will visit shitholes, you will get stitched up for rubbish duties, you will get very, very tired etc.

    But, you will forgive absolutely all of that for the occasional moments of absolute genius the RN can provide which instantly negate the shitness that crops up. You will do some genuinely interesting stuff, you will get excited, you will work for and alongside some absolute legends, you will get some big fat leave to take, you will visit some amazing places, you will do some mega public duties etc.

    The RN is what you make it and you can go as far as you like, how much you enjoy it is also down to what you put in. You can spend all day in your rack / cabin playing on your laptop / iPad crying about how shit everything is and how rubbish your prospects are or you can get out there and get involved in the enormous amount of cool shit there is available to do and work your way up reaping the benefits as you go.

    The worst that can happen is you piss around for 4 years and leave having made some new mates and visited a few new places. The best that can happen is pretty much only limited by you.

    That said, if the option of joining as an Officer is open to you, do it. There is nothing to gain by 'going the rating route' if that is your long term goal. You'll only be seriously slowing your career down.

    Sign up, join up and get stuck in. It's mega.
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  7. What happened to MLP, and can we have the original one back please?
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  8. I've had a nice day, so shove it right up your tea towel holder you anus nuzzling, gunt packing, cock womble.
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  9. Welcome back. 10 days 9s, a weeks 11s and you're on CO's warning for SNLR.
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  10. That's not far off what I got in my first week at Culdrose in 2002.
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  11. Oh, and for the OP:

    be an Officer, it's great. But remember FM Slim's words - Leadership is just plain you - and think about what they actually mean.
  12. Thanks mate :) this is good too hear. It's sometimes hard to see through all the doom and gloom from the outside while reading things people post online about their bad experiences. I wouldn't say that my ultimate goal was to become an officer but I would like to (and I'm guna sound like a treacherous louse now) transfer to the Royal Australian Navy as a rate one day with allot of hard work and squeaky clean military record. It would be an interesting experience to become an officer but for me what's important is just getting in and , at my age when I applied, it was cutting it really fine (too fine) to apply as an officer. But hey, if it comes around and feels right, I might go for it. Either or, I think il just be happy to part of it all :) thanks for the good reply, you can lay into it if you want though...I could do with laugh.

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  13. Don't go to the RAN; there's a reason why they're losing people hand over fist.
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  14. This. Likewise the RNZN. Plus all colonials are massive ******* who start every sentence with "look".
  15. Aussie Permanent Residency is the main incentive for that move. It's either that or get hitched to some Aussie sort...not sure how well they take to British Sailors tho. Will have to play that one out.

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  16. They love it. All women do.
  17. God that winds me up big time when they say that. As if it's a massive inconvenience to their day to answer your question so they need to cut the chase straight away.."look to busy poncing around in my ute, drinking VB to elaborate .."Look" ...plebs. Birds are fit tho..great gene pool.

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  18. Saying 'allot' a lot is pretty irritating as well.
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  19. Your alternate synonym suggestions are, naturally, always welcome.

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  20. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind should a synonym crop up.

    Good luck.
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