Royal Navy "The Movie"


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I agree with Nicks, the gung-ho American voiceover does nothing for this promo Andrew movie . What were they thinking of? Surely we have plenty of eloquent actors who speak the Queen's English with strong deliveries without resorting to this Hollywood trailer-type crap to portray the RN. Richard Burton must be spinning in his grave.

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J***s did I join that? Am I glad I'm out now! sickening or what? Can't say I blame the bloke (im in the hat talking about his island) if that lot turned up to save me I'd dig in too!


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It was on the DVD enclosed with the 2006 Broadsheet, mind you so was some damned fine material, not just this.
I can't see the problem. It's a vision of the future RN. That guy in the hat was on the Isle of Wight, and our only operational ship that we have left is going to save him. Sad........Very sad.


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What a load of absolute tosh and embarassing.

Great bit of polticial crap with the female 2 ringer as always. On a scale of 1 to 10 for tosh, I would give it 12. :)
I don't think I have ever seen sucha load os shit, that was highly cringeworthy.
This is it, this is what we trained for...... What, are we going on the piss?
That old geezer on the Island, wasn't that Andy the male nurse from 80's Eastenders?
****, **** and thrice ****.


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I agree with all the above. WHY do these advertising w*nkers think that the British public can't understand anything without a transatlantic accent.
Where are the moderated tones of real English. The perpetrator of this rubbish should be dragged out and strapped to the business end of a 4.5 before a live firing exercise.
From an elderly, moderate, contributor, who's up far too late and only looked in to turn his computor off.


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