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Recently applied for the Royal Navy as I had in the past but failed the test for the role In which I applied for, they then offered me a chef position and I stupidly turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to the see world as much as the other roles. I applied for an engineering role last time and I’ve went and applied for a new role this time but I want to know if I have more options other than a chef. I’ll probably score low again in the test so what roles would that leave me with, I realise long hours and stressful times is a huge part of any Royal Navy role and I’m totally committed to the challenge of any role but I’d like a role in which I can keep fit with daily personal training and adventure training, and like the chance to actually see different cultures and countries. If anyone could help me out and let me know my options then it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't have said that chefs don't get to see as much of the world as RN personnel in other roles, Keeboo. If a ship were to be deployed to somewhere like the Mediterranean or Caribbean, there would be chefs on the ship. How else would the other people on the ship be fed if the chefs weren't there?

Why did you think that you would be more limited as a chef?

PS If you are interested in sports and fitness, you will certainly find people willing to help you with that .........


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Your best bet, to be completely honest is to talk to your AFCO and ask them what roles are open to you, given your score.

Very often we get people resitting the test and not improve their score or even score lower, which is a bit frustrating as it indicates they are not prepared to put the effort in to improve.

Basically it's a case of reaping what you sow. Chef is a very transferrable trade, a shortage category and a short wait to join but it's hard work & long hours. You do get plenty of travel as it is very much a seagoing job. We are crying out for Chefs on the new Aircraft Carrier and you can be assured of a good many foreign trips in the coming years if you join her.

The higher you score in the recruit test, the more jobs are available and the more technical the qualifications available.

Bottom line, as with any job, you get out what you put in. If you dig out blind, you reap the rewards but there are disaffected matelots in all branches and all levels who feel hard done by and many seem to put more effort into complaining rather than working - they are usually the loudest and most heard.

Adventurous training, healthy exercise/lifestyle, travel and a good laugh is available to all, but very often many don't realise that until after they leave....or fail to join.
Yes i suppose your right mate, was just looking at some reviews of the job and some people were saying they didnt see as much due to the long hours in the kitchen.


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Don’t forget about the £5000 bonus of completion of chef training too :D I know plenty of chefs who were gym bosuns (that’s gym bunnies in civvie speak) - in fact being in a galley watch can be an advance for phys as you can get into a routine and it tends to mean your off watch is when the gym is quiet. I also know of chefs who have transferred PTI (although not many recently). Good luck!
turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to see world
Where did you hear such stories? Whoever told you that you don't get time off is talking bollocks.
I went to SeaWorld whilst serving on a warship. I even saw Shamu

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