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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by kieran_je, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    new to the site, I have a question regarding the requirments for the selection process for an officer, I have 10 GCSE's including English and Maths, but I only have 150 UCAS points, 2 D's at A level and 1 D at AS, however I was accepted into university and graduated this year.

    Minimum requirements are 180 UCAS points, do you think there is any leeway considering I do have a degree, thanks in advnaced,

    regards, Kieran
  2. Nope, there isn't. Been there.

    Get yourself onto an 1 year intensive A-level course at a college somewhere NOW - while it's not too late to slip into spaces left on courses after enrolment, which was last week.

    Alternatively be prepared to pay for (in time and money) a correspondence A-level course. I would recommend this if you want to get it done sharpish and you feel that you can commit to study wholly without supervision. Many stand-alone correspondence AS courses are rated at around 300 hours, so you could blitz it, depending on how comfortable you are with the subject matter. A tutor may or may not be necessary.

    Nothing else will do for the UCAS points.
  3. thanks for the reply, I did my A levels in England 4 years ago, i'm now living in Scotland with my partner and the qualifications are completely different, i dont even know where to start, I dont think it needs to be an A level, just something that carries at least 45 ucas points, im an advanced IT user and i'm currently undertaking the CompTia A+ IT technicain exam, is there not any IT course that carries UCAS points to make up the 30 left? thanks for your help.
  4. Wouldn't be easier to ask your tutors on your current course that question?
  5. I'm a graduate, just finished university, i'm not on a course, I have a degree in psychology but im just short of the UCAS points required to go in as a graduate officer.
  6. You are ideal RN officer material with a degree in psychology.!!!!
    They all think they know what makes a submariner tick!!!
  7. Thought you only had Bombay Runners on boats ?, heh ho every day is a school day.
  8. What are you on about mupp?
  9. Whatever you've got in the way of qualifications above A-level doesn't make the blindest bit of difference to the UCAS point regulations.

    You're short of the UCAS points required, and the only things that come with UCAS points are AS-Levels and full A2s (or the Scottish equivalent).
  10. if you look at the ucas website ( scroll down to the bottom where it says scottish qualifications, it shows the NPA PC Passport which carriers 45 UCAS points, clearly this is a ucas subject and would be sufficient enough to put me through?
  11. I stand corrected! There's your uncle Bob. :D

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