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So how much energy do the air compressors use to fill the bottle groups before the boat dives?
An example boat would be great to give me a ball park figure I guess.
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I've already seen that link, so I'd say my research skills are on point and no where does it mention the submarine air compressors energy consumption before the dive in relation weight or size and the distance of the dive.
I am only interested in strictly the energy used that compresses the air for submerging and surfacing in relation size, weight, distance of the dive. nothing else.


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I was on T and S boats that both had the same type HP air compressors, both classes had 2 of them, which were run as required, the bottle groups being maintained fully charged at all times, dived or surfaced, at sea or alongside the wall.

The compressors had a 410 amp starting current if that helps, why is this so important to you?

Edited to add distance of dive (I'm assuming you mean depth) has no relevance, neither does size or weight. HP air isn't used to dive a boat either.
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