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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Royaliggy, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi, is there anyone here a steward, or was, in the navy?

    Im hoping to go in as a MA, but im also interested in being a steward as my second choice. Seems like hard work with lots of diversity, and first aid. Plus more ship time.

    Just wondered if anyone can share any experiences you may have had?. Does it require a high pass mark on the RT test like MA? Also is there a big waiting list? Its 8 months for MA at the mo.

    Sorry for all the questions!

  2. Standing by for a long list of sarcastic comments.
  3. I want to give a sensible answer so I apologise in advance but I really don't know much about the branch.... however if you are good at fluffing pillows, bit of a dab hand with the hoover and like polishing silver then am sure you're heading in the right direction.

  4. You seem like a nice lad & can string a sentence together. Job satisfaction comes to mind. If you like following your mum around, clearing the dishes, vacuuming, waiting at table...................see where this is leading. Probably short career due to job satisfaction...........unless it floats your boat. How much training can you need for that?
    Able to lay one place at table-Steward.
    Two places at table-Leading Hand
    Three places-Petty Officer
    Etc. Branch known as the White Mafia.
    However If you want a bit more:
    If you want to operate equipment, bit of spanner work then many other branches to choose from. Better job satisfaction-oh course my opinion.
    However at the top end of the food chain are the Artificers (Technicians-but oh so much more), many apply, God only chooses a few.

    Retire to the bunker now.
  5. Yup i thought as much! cheers just thought id get a general idea as to the job role and what people think! not very much it seems so far!.

    TBH im just going to do my RT, see what mark i get and discuss my options from there. Thats the advice the Careers guy gave me. Just interesting to know more of what people who currently/have serve think of certain jobs.
  6. You're either gay or like to do nothing!
  8. Royaliggy,

    I am a civillian from Civvy Street so have no knowledge of what Stewards do in the RN whatsoever, apart from fluffing pillows, laying tables, polishing silver, etc., though I'm sure most of them are in fact as straight as dried spagetti. By the sound of it you might prefer to train as a Butler as it is much better paid, you'd be sought after (particularly by Americans, who just love our accents - especially if you have one like mine) and more job security - plus of course the training.

    Just a thought. Otherwise I should have though being a Medic would make more sense, frankly.

    PS: I'm gay and I like women too - just not in the same bunk, unless fully clothed! :lol:
  9. Riiiiiiight not too sure what happend with the above post!.

    Yeh im sure there all straight but im defo going for medic. Its what i wanna do so ill just have to bloody pass the test.
  10. Go for it,be one of the Best.i was an MA and never regretted it for a moment.You will no doubt get more sea time that i did!Beats the crap out of being an Offcers Servant!!!
  11. If only my sister had kept "her" skeleton from her Physio training at Cardiff - a real one incidentally - I could have sold it to you for your anatomy training! Ask one of the Medics like Andy what is involved in the training.

  12. You`re in luck
    We have our resident experts for all types of branch.

    If you want to be part of a team and you have a good mechanical ability, see clanky.

    If you have a brown nose, cry alot and are as queer as a concrete parachute, see nozzer (steve).AAC or whatever else he calls himself this week!!

    If you want to be a medic see Andy but remember he`s never been to sea.

    Best of luck Roy whatever you decide.
  13. I agree. There are opportunities for going to sea, at least there are in Submarines according to the RN's website, and many years ago when I thought of joining up you could also volunteer for Commando training... (Gulp!)

    PS: UA is alluding to the fact that I've been a stupid Walt in the past: please disregard any earlier posts by me in my guise as Seacat/Nozzy Nozzer!!! :oops: :( :roll:
  14. What a choice - Scab Lifter or Shirt Lifter!.
  15. ahh cheers anyways. My bro did sports science so i have lots of hand me down books on physiology and anatomy. so going to bury my head and take in as much as i can.
  16. I hate to stand out from the rest, but there is more to being a steward than the above comments, eg:

    as an AB you be a member of the boarding party (rapid roping down from helicopters with guns).

    as a Leading Hand on a Frigate or Destroyer you get training to steer the ship when entering and leaving harbour, during a replenishment at sea etc.

    as a PO/CPO you can also be a Flight Deck Officer waving the lynx helicopter down etc (a very demanding part of the job).

    The down side is that they do spend a lot of time serving food etc. This can be rewarding, but if it isn't you don't bother as there is nothing worse than a steward who can't be bothered, especially when there are some excellent ones.

    Another downside is that they were shafted on Pay 2000 and are on the lower pay band. Also, it is not seen as "macho" (despite the extra stuff they do).

    Yes, they do do first aid, but probably not at the level that will interest you. What about training as a Naval Nurse? Just think of all those women you would be surrounded by...

    There are lots of branches, don't rush in. It is better to wait a few months than rush into the wrong branch.
  17. Cheers stump! more like the reply i was hoping for!

    Yeh just going to get fit, do some swatting for the RT and take as is and not rush. One other thing that hampers my choices, surprise surprise is my eyesight. I only qualifiy for level 3 jobs.
  18. As a STWDs, you would be trained up in first aid, I know it's a given! Action stations your a very main part, even though their is all that officer stuff, there is also room fro qualifications. I know plenty of STWDs that have gone on to be MA'S etc. But apart from that, you'd be open to alot of stick, mind you most branches are.
  19. The Stewards Branch does have negative points, mostly cleaning for officers far to important to do it for themselves, and serving them scran etc. However on the plus side consider the following
    1/ Qualifications that will assist you when you leave the service.
    2/ All night in.
    3/ Because your always doing your Branch job, Task book training and advancement to higher ranks is a lot easier than other branches.
    4/ At senior rate level, a lot of cushy drafts looking after Admirals who take you all around the world with them and a few Embassy billets as well.

    I am not a steward ( GUNNER) so please consider this as impartial advice.
  20. Once you get above Killick there is/was some good drafts for PO/CPO, had a couple of good ones myself , I once flew out to Monaco for a week just to take charge of a cocktail party on HMS Roebuck that the Hydrographer of the RN [Admiral] was hosting , the Roebucks stewards had it all in hand so I had a brilliant week in Monaco doing not a lot , hire car to Heathrow , club class flight out & back , hire car back to Guzz , Fxxxxxxxxxg hard life in them days ,

    did 24 years , and the vast majority of gays came from other branches , same in civvy street , so please dont steriotype them all as bent , cos there not , :twisted:

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