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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Chalky, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. From my Army days, I am a great fan of the stable belt. The only RN one that I can find is this which is from a cadet website making me rather sceptical, or this this money belt which I'm not sure whether you wear it with C95.

    Anyone care to help?
  2. Er, I'd steer clear of the money belt! When I was a young CCf cadet at the beginning of the 90s we had to wear those with 8s but i think they probably fell out of general use some time before that- think I've seen pics of people wearing them down south in 82 but not sure.

    Gash anyway, utter gash- even we stopped wearing them by about 94 and the cadets are usually a couple of decades behind the time what with getting cast off equipment.

    Suppose in this lovely purple world of jointery where everyone wants to run around in you can't see me suits (even when working in certain bunker locations in the greater London area) there might be a market for stable belts- just not sure it's one that has been tapped.....
  3. £29.99 for a money belt ! I had no idea they were worth that - I've still got mine. I can't ever recall anyone actually keeping money in them though - the little press-studdy pocket thing on them wasn't big enough to keep anything in.
  4. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The Money Belt looks very much like the ones that we were issued in 1951. With the amount of money that we were paid there was ample space. I wore it all the time that I was a Junior Rate.
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  5. I've still got mine, though it barely circumnavigates my right leg these days! :lol: I used to keep my beer money in it.
  6. You see, the great thing about the Navy is that it isn't the Army! We don't have stable belts, and I hope to Christ it stays that way!

    Next thing you'll all be wanting different coloured berets!
  7. Erm...there are different coloured berets in the Mob. Well, two at least.

    And anyway, the stable belt is useful in a tri-service environment, in my experience. Any easy way of letting Percy know the Senior Service is around is welcome :)

    It's also better than the gash melt-me-quick issue jobby, which just demonstrates a lack of imagination.
  8. After going to Raleigh,first leave came up,had my holiday pay,never went out,put it in my money blt as told to and next morning it was gone when I woke up!
    Pretty miserable going on leave with no cash,I suspected the guy who insisted everyone gave a bit to help me out but couldn't prove it.
    My belt was even buttoned up afterwards!been a light sleeper ever since I reckon.
  9. Well that's easy! The Senior Service is the one not wearing a bloody multi colour swap shop corset. With DPM CS95s, they look a total mess.
  10. Steady on there old bean! My stable belt is a thing to behold! None of this REMF-tastic multi-coloured toss at this location. Pah!
  11. What is this? A fecking fashion parade?
    Haven't Matelots got enough rigs and pieces of clothing to worry about?
  12. You can tell Jack in CS95 because the shirt says "ROYAL NAVY" over the right chest and there's a 'Royal Navy' logo on the right arm. Oh, and the Naval beret badge, and Naval badge of rank. Do we need more?
  13. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    They are smarter than the webbing belt. I have a very nice plain blue one (actually its a Cav one but looks the part).
  14. Its all looking a bit drab at the moment, Hows about a nice feather Boa?
  15. Steady on yourself!

    I wore a nice Brown, Red and Green stable belt for many years. I guarantee you I was no REMF...

    Would you not want to wear something like this?

  16. The guy at my AFCO had on one of these today, a red green and brown one as stated. Was wondering what it was hehe.
  17. A former Tankie are ye? The flat stomached dealers of death are wearing rifle green this summer... and no we're not the rifles!

    The one ye put up looks ok but the Gold anchor looks a bit toss. Keep the buckle all silver.

    And I forgot to add- Our man Chalkie is a bottom touching ex pongo who smells of Twiglets and has a gammy eye.

    T C

  18. I knew you were lurking around here, with your devil-may-care attitude to my politically and socially erudite post, you stinking Tom git.

    And you're 3/4 correct.

    I don't have gammy eye anymore.
  19. COMATG staff all wear the RN stable belt with their CS95's.
  20. Was the good fella wearing such beauty as this?


    Aye, ex RTR I be... The pic was just a quick Photoshop I made. Silver would look better, however I wanted the anchor to stand out.

    The flat stomached dealers of death are wearing you talk of. This one?

    Any pictures around of the belt?

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