Royal Navy security checks

Hello all
I'm currently worry because I have my medical coming up and if I pass that they will be doing security check I'm not a terrorist however what I am worry about it is the debt part I don't have any ccjs however I owe £700 to various catalogues and phone contracts for various reasons mostly me being an idiot I haven't paid it for starters I am thinking about paying it in 2 instalments one at the end of this month and one the end of next will that be good enough they have sent me threatening letters but I don't know if it's classed as default???? Will clearing the debt keep it from my security check


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Defaulted, unaddressed payments will come up on the credit check conducted & can prevent SC. No SC, no join.

The best thing to do is contact your creditors & establish a repayment plan that is acceptable to them & affordable by you. Don't use third-party debt management companies who make a living out of people's misery - approach the companies direct to demonstrate your honesty. Once you are addressing debts rather than ignoring them, to the satisfaction of the creditor, check Experian have updated your credit rating. Job done.
Thank you ninja my only worry is that my afco will be doing my security check in 2 weeks time if I start paying my creditors will that bring my debts out of default? Even if it is a small amount


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Once you're in you can get a NAAFI card LOL. Only teasing, sort it out. Keep the money you would spend on booze and fags back and save it up. Debt is a millstone.
Thanks for the reply guys the debt isn't that much can probably pay it off within 2 months the problem is that I was getting annoyed of my creditors adding massive missed payment fees so I argued with them and just haven't payed them now that it could affect my navy career I will pay it off promptly I just wanted to know if I pay my debts off before the security check will it still show up and possibly stop me joining even if there is no debt left


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I've seen so much of this. Debt is not necessarily a problem - attitude to the debt is, particularly, as if you say, every time the goons call, the debt goes up because of it.
Ok guys thanks for the replies going to speak to my afco next week see what he thinks in the mean time think I'll call my creditors and get it all sorted