Royal Navy searching for gay recruits


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bigbaddog said:
What would this crew make of all the bollocks said about the "G"-word then? (Came "Out of the Hangar"..and went ******* BANG!!!)

Seeing that they all look as though they wouldn't be out of place on a Gay Pride march quite well, I'd say. ^~


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rosinacarley said:
slim said:
lively and sometimes heated debating

My arse you are, you are a homophobe, admit it.

Rosie, your arse, now that I am interested in, the POs stoker's arse no thankyou. Please read my postings and you will see that far from being homophobic I actually support the ones who are on RR when others slag them off.
I agree with the Editor of Warship Magazine: "For every 10 gay recruits it will put off around 100 16 year old lads and lasses" Unfortunatly he is right, yes 16 year olds are as petty as to take the mick out of Sea Cadets and anyone wanting to join the Navy for being "Gay".

Yes I'm sure there is the question of do we really want people in the Navy who are so weak willed that they cannot deal with a bit of perhaps "banter", however, a potential recruit at 14 may well be put off.

Surely the Navy should be going for Sexual Orientation Neutral recruitment, so as not to put off either potentially brilliant Gay or Straight recruits?