Royal Navy searching for gay recruits

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 28, 2007.

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  1. old news Slim (look at the date of the article), and I think you are being a tad provocative, I am sure you would not have posted such a comment had the headline been about finding black or asian recruits - because god, that would have been racist wouldn't it?
  2. Kinell "slim" Pinknews , you have to change your reading habits
  3. Real news is always a bit thin on Bank Holidays, cut the poor chap a little slack :salut:
    Yeah cheers, whatever...
  5. What would this crew make of all the bollocks said about the "G"-word then? (Came "Out of the Hangar"..and went fucking BANG!!!)

  6. Slim, you've beaten me to it. You've actually read the Pink News before me! :giggle: :salut: This is the first time I've ever seen it... only heard about it before. Is there something you'd like to share with us? :biggrin:

  7. But Rosie I would have posted the article if it had been about black or Asian recruits. The idea is not to be provocative but promote lively and sometimes heated debating. That's what I like about RR, we can agree , disagree or even agree to disagree. At the end of the day every and any point of view may be made.
    What I am certainly not interested in are postings asking what is my favourite book, colour, monosock or the like.
  8. Slim, can you cut and paste the article and then provide the link for accuracy instead of just providing the link ? It makes for easier viewing!

  9. I agree with Shakey.
    A It would be easier to view
    B I wouldn't have to log on to faggot news
  10. G'day all.

    Honestly who wants to know about this kind of crap??

    It's bad enough the few we get on this group, without them legally spreading all through the groups, by guys, posting more of their antics, especially as it's by the News of the Screws.


    We were all meant to have a jump, though, we were meant to do it like bunny above and there ain't no horses hoofs amongst rabbits.


  11. My arse you are, you are a homophobe, admit it.
  12. Seeing that they all look as though they wouldn't be out of place on a Gay Pride march quite well, I'd say. ^~
  13. Rosie, your arse, now that I am interested in, the POs stoker's arse no thankyou. Please read my postings and you will see that far from being homophobic I actually support the ones who are on RR when others slag them off.
  14. I agree with the Editor of Warship Magazine: "For every 10 gay recruits it will put off around 100 16 year old lads and lasses" Unfortunatly he is right, yes 16 year olds are as petty as to take the mick out of Sea Cadets and anyone wanting to join the Navy for being "Gay".

    Yes I'm sure there is the question of do we really want people in the Navy who are so weak willed that they cannot deal with a bit of perhaps "banter", however, a potential recruit at 14 may well be put off.

    Surely the Navy should be going for Sexual Orientation Neutral recruitment, so as not to put off either potentially brilliant Gay or Straight recruits?

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