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Royal navy reserves basic training


If joining the royal navy reserves do you go away for 2 weeks basic training at the same place the regulars do? Or is it all done at weekends etc. Thank you
New Entries (called INT now) do a substantial amount of their induction training in unit. This is supplemented by a number of weekends (3/4 from memory) at either Raleigh or BRNC.

Once your training staff deem you ready you will be sent on an RNR course, over two weeks, to consolidate all that you have learnt, and pass out from Phase One. Again, this will be at Raleigh or BRNC, depending on your entry type.

Alternatively, for those who can spend the time off, - particularly aimed at students and gap year types - you can do a compressed course at over eight (?) weeks over the summer.

Ask your INT staff for the route that suits you best.
I have started a new job with the council which should be supportive of this. I just don't want to ask them for 2 weeks off immediately
Before you would need to go to basic training? Could anyone give me an idea of what the recruitment process entails?
You will attend HMS Ceres one evening a week, for two hours.

Engage with the unit - ask to speak to the "Pipeline Manager" who is the person responsible for managing your career from pavement to the end of Phase One.

Enjoy the ride.

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