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Hi all
I'm wondering if anyone can help me on a rough guess of how long I have untill my PJFT because so far everything has moved quite fast but my running hasn't. I know people may not be able to help because its different everywhere but how long did yous have to wait for your PJFT.
So I had my recruitment test at the very end of August had my eye test and medical call this past 2 weeks next. I have my interview and face to face medical in the next 2 weeks, then my PJFT which I know I'm not ready for. Can Anyone help thx even tips for running and getting time faster or anything


This can vary quite a lot but I completed my PJFT around 3 weeks after my Face to Face medical.

If you aren’t comfortably hitting a good time yet, and won’t be able to make the grade in time, there’s no harm in putting off the PJFT by asking your AFCO to hold your application while you improve your running, that would be my advice.

Hope everything works out for you.

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In terms of running training all I can recommend is getting on a treadmill and running around 3-5 times a week.

Run 1.5miles each time, start at a slower speed and work it up by like 0.2-0.5mph per week depending on how fast you’re adapting. The more you suffer and push yourself the faster you will improve, but know your limits.

Don’t over complicate it for the PJFT just practice what they will ask of you until you’re confident you can smash it out.

If you don’t have access to a treadmill then running outside is great but bear in mind you will be slower outside than on a treadmill, make sure you push yourself though as it’s harder to measure your difficulty than on a treadmill.

Best of luck.

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Hello, for me as soon as I passed the medical I got given a bit of paper telling me to phone the local gym and book it myself. It also said I had a week or two weeks can't remember to book it and complete it.

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