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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chieftiff, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Need some help pretty damn sharpish!

    My wife has to give a 10 min presentation/ brief with regard to the new RN recruiting drive, now we have watched the TV non stop (almost) for two days now and haven't seen a sniff of an advert! We can't find any downloadable videos on the RN recruiting site although we have noted it has changed considerably.

    So what do we need? Some opinions would be good, I put this in current affairs because I know we get some sensible and honest debate in here so crack on, what does the recruiting drive involve, promote etc and what do you think of it (If you have seen it!) If anyone has a link to a downloadable vid that would be great. PS careers office isn't an option as it wasn't open today and she won't get a chance to nip in between now and her brief. Thanks for your help.
  2. Chief - you say you've checked the web - have you tried

    It's got the new logo (Life without Limits) as opposed to Be Part of Something.

    Is this not part of the current recruitment drive ? or does it have to be specifically the video
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Life without Limits is a start, for some reason we can both remember the "be part of something" drive and all of those videos are available on a couple of download sites. The new drive must be very new! as neither of us have seen the ads although some people have mentioned them. Is the new recruitment drive just out? or has it been around a while? If it has been around for a while I would suggest that it's not very effective!

    Am I being a complete mong or is it not possible to download the "diaries" on the RN website? It would be good if they could be downloaded and linked into a powerpoint presentation, the ads would be better. I am sick of watching all the adverts, we have two TV's on here one on ITV one on Channel 4.

    If anyone has seen the ads what did you think of them, any good? too cheesy? too vague? any opinions appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

    Thanks for everyones help
  4. I have seen an ad on MSN and I'm told there's one on the myspace profiles but that's all I've heard about it.
  5. Chief

    I think (now that's not always a good thing!) that if you go to the media downloads, right click on the video you want to save and select "save target as..." it will then download to your PC.

    As far as the current ads go, they can't be that effective as I can't remember them, other than a little clever bit where they show different staff in different rigs - all still shots but put together to look like its one person saluting but in different kits- difficult to explain but if you see the ad you will know what i mean.
  6. Careful what you say on here we don't want a grilling at dog watch sports about who is putting on questions on this website!!
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Eh? Dogwatch what? don't know what you're on about! :lol:
  8. CT,
    I've seen one of the adverts, the one for AET with the young female PO on the carrier. I thought it was quite good to be honest. As it happens, I was auditioned for the advert for CT (GEN DIT)...this was at the beginning of september. They wanted me to speak in Arabic at the Camera, then break into English at the last minute and say something beginning with..."but the best thing, is......".
    The advert I saw the other night was pretty much along the same lines...the POAET was saying how she had always wanted to be a mechanic and the RN gives her the chance to do all this and more...blah, blah blah, and right at the end, she said "but the best thing, is watching them come back safely" a harrier landed gently on the deck. Moving stuff.
    By the way, I didn't pass my audition for CT, I'm a good linguist if I say so myself, but god I'm fcuking ugly....:)
    Hope this helps.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    That's interesting because having trawled the RN careers website and watched the POAET diary it sounds like the web diaries are the adverts, that's good it means we have seen them................all of them!!!
    The other point we were just discussing is that perhaps the TV adverts were only shown in certain regions, traditional recruiting grounds like Pompi or Guz, but if you saw them in Stamford (under your avatar) that must be wrong (we live very near to Stamford) And surely if we are going to advertise for recruits we should have some ugly people in the ads or there will be a lot of disappointed young trainees coming through who think the RN is like a yank Soap. :lol:
    I wonder why I haven't been asked to star in one of these ads?
  10. Funnily enough, there was a Bootie WO2 with the PR team who were going around interviewing people and he told the group of CT's who had been dicked "They aren't going to get what they're looking for....they want some mid-20's Tom Cruise look-alike who has about 15 years experience to talk about". Saw the adverts here in Stamford mate, I think it was C4 though, although not 100% sure.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    That's why I haven' been asked then "balding, 40 something, too long in the tooth and cynical chief!"

    I think the ads are certainly aimed in the right direction that sort of youtube/ mobile phone vid thing which seems to appeal nowadays, in fact if I hadn't already signed on for another 10 I might think of joining up again!
  12. Bloody hell.

    It wasn't that long ago that mentioning the branch outside the wire was verboten.
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    They have eased off on the whole secret squirrel thing, we are allowed to know they exist but not what the best thing about the branch is :lol:

    Edited for mong spelling!
  14. Wot you wanna recruit for? closing down ain't you? Or so it seems to this old sailor
  15. Because the RN is still feeling the effects of the last time it stopped recruiting (for a year), even though it was downsizing then too.
  16. ChiefTiff's signature: When rats leave a sinking ship, where exactly do they think they're going?

    Australia/New Zealand, more specifically the RAN/RNZN!
  17. Well i'm in Northern Ireland and have seen them quite alot, although i am pretty sure that i've only seen them on C4, and not UTV/ITV, but i can't be 100% certain.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    My take on it is that the RN is being 'Branded', and sold as a hip new concept, in a vague, vain attempt to snare as many dullards, chavs and chimps as it can. It's also part of this insiduous new restructuring that lies at the heart of every matelot's chagrin ... namely the widespread commercialisation of Armed Forces plc. Quite where the concept of a government service/private venture grew from is anyone's idea, save for the shady types who dream up such horseshit and go home every night to their plush Knightsbridge apartments and never have to pull on anti-flash or shit in a field latrine. Pump the veins of the great unwashed and disaffected so much with flashing lights, games-style imagery and kewl phrases and eventually some of the more curious ones might take the plunge. Gone are the days when one joined for a career, or to see the world ... and with the current fuckery with ship-swapping, extended deployments and other yahoo japes, you aint gonna get either. Recruitment is a piece of piss anyway, it's keeping the ******* in that is where the problem lies. Of the fab pics of the training wringer, everyone's ******* smiling ... and there's always ... always a token black face/easy-on-the-eye female just to show we meet quotas. Never mind the fact (and it is, pop-pickers ... ) that many recruits never make it to their first ship. Even if they do, they've got us miserable bastards to face, all of us heavy with the burden of change - TOPMAST, SDR, CSR, Dreadnought, DTR, JPA, CBRN, (I could go on)

    My mentors were upright, upstanding and proud of their legacy. They passed on to me a Navy that was stable, focussed, well-resourced and ingrained with thick tradition. You could look into their eyes and see the past, and imagine the future. You could feel part of a greater team ... with massive potential and ability and walk on any ship and it would be the same - clean, well-maintained and ready for anything. You had that feeling that even after the wake-up call that was Operation Corporate, everything would still be okay because we faced similar privations during both World Wars and still managed to outperform. The kids looking at today's Navy from without can smell the lies, they can see the problems. The ones that don't and still join are soon disillusioned and by the time they are afloat are already planning some sort of escape-plan. And the die-hards who stay all know that it can only get worse.

    Of course, the best part of the job ... is what, exactly?

  19. From Custom PC Magazine, issue 042.

    In The Navy!

    While playing through Need For Speed: Carbon recently, we noticed that the Challenge3 time trial was plagued with adverts to join the Royal Navy. It isn't just one advert either; we spotted the naval recruitment ads on the sides of buildings and billboards all around the track. As far as we can tell, the adverts appeared when we patched the game to version 1.3. We asked the Ministry of Defence why it thought a game that simulates illegal underground racing in America was a prime target for British naval recruitment, but we've yet to receive an answer.

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