Royal Navy recruit recaptured - Parallels with Longleat



Escaped Royal Navy recruit recaptured with nutty bars following a massive manhunt.

An escaped naval recruit that saw RN Regulators and HMS RALEIGH staff searching the countryside has been caught after being lured into a trap baited with drugged nutty bars.

It was a breakout that triggered an armed response worthy of a major manhunt.

But the trainee stoker who escaped from Part I Training, prompting the staff there to scour the countryside and warned the public to lock up their doors and windows and sons, has finally been caught after being lured into a man trap baited with doctored nutty bars.

Staff from the Naval Training School led the search for the "low-risk" absconder with the help of the Plymouth Command's Provost Marshals rapid response team. (Weddings and Funerals are their usual tasking).

The trainee was first spotted by Jan Triggerman, barman of the Stokers Return public house at Torpoint around a mile from the Ferry car wash on Friday afternoon.

He said: “I was driving down a country road to a pond when she leapt right over the bonnet of my car, and then into the bushes.

“I got out to have a look and she had gone into the hedgerow to relieve herself. I carried on down towards the pond and there were two armed RN Regulating Officers and about 15 Bandsmen in full fig with illuminated triangles out looking for her..

“I told them where I’d seen her and they went dashing off, some in the opposite direction. A few minutes later I got to the pond and saw her again so I whistled to them that she was there and they all came back, by which time she had disappeared again.

"I think they nearly cornered her up a large tree, but she must have got away again. Good on her I say.”

Later on Friday the fugitive was seen near the village of Little Scrumpileft, two miles from HMS RALEIGH.

At the time a spokesman for the HMS RALEIGH said: “The naval recruit is the size of a brick chickenhouse but poses minimal threat to the public as all of her decayed teeth were forcibly extracted during the second day of her induction week. However, local residents have been advised to keep their windows and doors closed as she could still you a nasty suck.”

The searchers from HMS RALEIGH successfully recovered the juvenile absconder at about 8pm on Friday night several hours after the baby stoker-ess escaped.

‘Stokey Gal’, who is seven plus feet tall on her hind legs and described as being of "low intelligence", was reported missing after Thursday evening’s rounds and was first spotted lurking near the mobile burger bar at the Torpoint Ferry.

Residents living nearby reported seeing armed RN Regulators, CPOs & POs in gaiters and more than 15 members of the RM Band Service from HMS RALEIGH conducting an intensive search for the absentee.

On Saturday a spokesman for the Plymouth Command, confirmed that the naval recruit had been recaptured, but said it was still not entirely clear how she had escaped in the first place.

He said: "The naval recruit was caught close to the ferry in a humane trap that was baited with nutty bars. She appears to be unfit but healthy and has now been returned to HMS RALEIGH where she will be given a thorough beasting.

"A detailed inspection of the HMS RALEIGH’s heavily guarded perimeter has not revealed any potential gaps in the secure electric fencing, but it is possible that this trainee stoker may well have tunnelled to freedom as her service-issue shovel has still not been found.

"She has tried to make a monkey out of us all but this is not Longleat* and steps have been taken to ensure this cannot happen again in the future.

"HMS RALEIGH would like to thank the RN Regulators and the local people for all their help and assistance."

Similarities with Longleat* Escaped monkey recaptured with fruit following police hunt - Telegraph

The recaptured trainee - Photographed last week on reporting for RN Induction Training.

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