Royal Navy Quiz-Something a bit Strange?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by GCYZ, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen the quiz banner across the top right of the RN website.
    Clicking on it takes you to a page that askes for your name, address etc, them asks if you or your family are a member of the armed forces, THEN asks if you are a Sun reader!
    After that the only button is 'submit'.
    To see the whole page I hade to select all and paste it into word as there is no way to scroll down.
    All sounds a bit fishy to me.
  2. It's because the competition is in conjunction with the Scum. If you read the terms and conditions it shows you that 5 of the iPods available have been earmarked for sun readers to win, and some the families of serving HMAF personnel.
  3. F**k sake, we have really sold our souls if this is the level we're stooping to. Is this the same sun that stitched up a 2 1/2 last month?
  4. Yes it is. Much to the unfettered delight of RR user rg_mcoll. Disgusting behaviour.
  5. I've already made my views with respect to this work of fiction known in previous postings. Notwithstanding this I am continuously amazed that despite the duplicitious manner in which it cites itself as being resolutely behind the UK Armed Forces and then never fails to miss an opportunity to stitch up individual serving personnel / units, that so many of our own continue to buy it.

    If we didn't support it so well perhaps they would stick a little closer to real news instead of resorting to distorting the truth and attempting to make so many lives miserable for the sake of a headline they decide is in the public interest & which will sell more papers. :x
  6. Oh come on! Tell me any of you pass a copy of the Scum without opening to P3!

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